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12 Recycled Christmas Crafts From Soda Cans and Milk Cartons

I just spent some time looking for Christmas Crafts on Pinterest. I found the most darling items made from soda cans and milk cartons.  So, instead of a long blog post or instructions, I will share some precious ideas. I hope that these will inspire you to get ready for the Holidays. They will be here before you know it!

These are not my own designs or ideas. Therefore, I made each item image “clickable” to take you to Pinterest. There, you can look for the instructions. 

Three Reasons to Make Christmas Crafts from Upcycled Things

As you may know, the entire DIY Home & Garden team loves recycling and making upcycled items. And that includes everyone from my husband, the craftsman who carries out my design concepts to the writers who write on these topics. 

You’ve seen us make several upcycled projects. To remind you, here are a few:

A leaky teapot turned into a succulent garden

The old desk that’s now a side table 

Garden tools created from old laundry detergent bottles.

So, always remember. When you use ordinary things that others consider “trash,” you can gain many benefits. And that’s not even to mention–you have one of a kind items!

1 – You save money

Craft store supplies add up–and quickly! But, when you grab supplies before they hit the recycle bin, it’s a deal for you!  Cha-ching!

2 – You’ll reduce your carbon footprint

Additionally, you will decrease your carbon footprint. That means you minimize the amount of damage that you personally inflict in everyday life. Yay for Mother Earth!

3 – It’s fun to squeeze those creative juices

It feels so much more playful to create from what you already have on hand. Remember when you were a little one? A shoebox became a dollhouse or garage for your cars? It’s like a virtual return to your childhood!

So without further ado, let’s look at some sweet, inspiring ideas.

Christmas Crafts Created from Milk Cartons and Soda Cans

These are the most darling things you can make. One note.  Working with cutting aluminum is NOT child-friendly. If you want a project that’s safe for little ones, scroll to the bottom to review the milk carton creations, instead. 

1 – Christmas ornament from a soda can

This idea is soooo adorable. I can imagine making several of these and sharing them with neighbors. Look carefully. And you will see that the crafter even embossed the aluminum to make a textured pattern. What detail!

2 – Christmas carolers from a soda can

These sweet Christmas carolers will be such an adorable project to make with the kiddos. You can do the cutting, and they can use markers to sketch the cute faces. How fun is this?

3 – Soda can wreath

Next up, this soda can wreath is super-duper adorbs! Don’t you love the ribbon effect around the perimeter and as streamers at the bottom? This one looks a bit more complicated. But the challenge would be tons of fun!

4 – Wreath or ornament? You decide!

The next Christmas Craft is soda pull tabs made into a wreath ornament. I bet it would also be darling dressing up the dining room table as a napkin ring.  This one…I will definitely give it a try!

5 – Christmas craft to give a teacher

Okay. This one is not upcycled or recycled. You got me. But, the concept was too tempting to ignore. Imagine this tag re-written for the holidays.  So, cut a tag on your Cricut, and note “We are Soda-lighted to have you as…”  A neighbor, our teacher, cubicle-mate, our postal carrier, etc.  It’s a very thoughtful gift that would suit even a teeny tiny budget.

Think beyond the holidays, and this idea makes an excellent party favor for a children’s birthday party!

6 – Soda can angel

Here’s another totally cute idea–a retro-inspired angel made from an upcycled soda can. A little spray paint and an hour of crafting time would get the job done. 

7 – Another take on a soda can angel

Here’s a more contemporary take on a soda can angel. These look like fun to make, too! Which do you like better?

8 – Soda can crochet projects

I am mad jealous of people who know how to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me. I ended up with a long string of nothing and tied up my own thumbs. Not my gift.  Anyhoo… these keychains are incredibly cute. So if you DO happen to have the gift of crocheting, this projects uses soda tabs and spare yarn that you might want to use up. 

9 – Gingerbread houses from repurposed milk cartons

What a genius idea! And, how fun would this craft be for the kiddos? Cute, decorative, and let them unleash their imagination with these gingerbread houses. And, no messy crumbs or tummy aches!

10 – Christmas storage baskets 

This crafter recycled milk cartons and popsicle sticks into adorable baskets. The inner liner has a red floral print. You could use any fabric with a Christmas theme: candy canes, gingerbread, or snowmen. Think I will make one for displaying the Christmas cards we receive. 

11 – Dog treat gift box

Only a Dog Mom would think of this unique doggie treat package. Ideal for holiday gift giving for the pooch, this looks very easy to make. You’ll also find a YouTube video with nice instruction. Think I’ll try my hand at this one, too?

Do you have a dog? Be sure to check out the DIY Personalized Christmas ornaments I made for my special buddies.

12 – Reindeer Christmas Craft from a Milk Carton

Here, you’ll see another milk carton craft. This is another one the kids will love. They can make antlers by tracing their hands and you can spray paint the cap to make a red nose. 

12 Days of Christmas, 12 Christmas Crafts

We will end on 12. Why? Even though there are so many cute ideas, I love the whole 12 Days of Christmas theme. SO let’s leave it there. 

Are you ready to get Christmas crafting? I know that am! Even though it might seem like there is plenty of time to make all your lovely things, the time flies like Santa’s team of magical reindeer. The holidays will be here before you know it!

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As always, have a Happy DIY Day!

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