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Under $2 Christmas Gift: DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Believe it or not, I am already starting to get ready for Christmas. I know I’ve mentioned this about a hundred times, but I love Christmas. I’m happy to start making preparations in October. That’s especially true when I can save a ton of money an still give a super cute gift. These DIY personalized Christmas ornaments were under $2 each.

These are very easy to make, and they are a quick craft. Super fun!

So, these retail for $2.99, but they were 40% off on sale. I checked out with three for just under $6. These are a sweet little pet gift. And, it’s a steal compared to the kiosk in the mall that letters ornaments for $14 each. You’ll find a huge selection of styles at your local craft shop, but I fell in love with these.

I bought one to make for my little toy fox terrier, Rocco. They were so inexpensive that I bought two extras to make for his two best friends Maxie and Zoey. He’s a ladies’ man, what can I say.

While these are very easy, they do take a little bit of planning so that you use the space wisely without lettering the name too large or too small or just plain old wonky. Here’s how I made them.

How to Make DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Instead of long paragraphs of text, I took a lot of photos. The instructions are in the captions.

personalized ornaments
Gather your supplies and enjoy the time making your crafts! You’ll need a permanent marker, ruler, pencil, scrap paper or notepad and the Christmas ornaments.
Because each of these measures just under 5″ wide, they have a substantial look. And, there’s plenty of room for lettering the names.
Practice your lettering on a notepad to get an idea of whether you like the look of your letters before you commit.
Use the ruler to measure the ornament width. Mark the center point of the ornament (see the tiny mak to the left of the “e”). Then, pencil in the letters. Remember to leave room in between the letters. This is because the permanent marker will have a wider tip.
personalized ornaments
Have a little fun with the lettering if you’re making multiple personalized Christmas ornaments. While your handwriting will look similar on each one, vary the letters just a little bit for fun.
personalized ornaments
Don’t worry about being too perfect. Because you started with a pencil, you can erase anything that you don’t love.
personalized ornaments
Use the marker to letter the ornament. I missed the pencil marks, but I fixed those later.
personalized ornaments
Embellish the letters with some fun little flourishes on the end of the letters to make each one unique.
personalized ornaments
I had forgotten to pencil in the year. So, I got brave and freestyled them on each ornament.
personalized ornaments
Finally, let the marker dry for an hour or so. Then, take a clean eraser and gently rub away any stray pencil marks that you missed.

By starting early on Christmas crafting, I am able to make all my craft supply purchases while the selection is great and as I see sales. Also, I can take my time and work on little projects like these personalized Christmas ornaments and just take time to enjoy the process.

I do realize it’s still fall. After all, we are still weeks away from Halloween. I love autumn and cherish those finally cooling down afternoons. But, I can’t help but be excited to know that Christmas will soon be here. And I will be ready.

As always…  Have a happy DIY day!

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