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Hey y’all! DIY Home & Garden comes to you, with love, from the very rural area of Bertie County, North Carolina from me–along with my husband and an energetic toy fox terrier. Moving to my husband’s hometown in northeastern North Carolina has taught this relocated Yankee girl about how to slow down and enjoy life just a little bit more.

About the Blog

DIY Home & Garden started in 2016 and we’ve been growing ever since! We have a local American feel with an international audience. While 80% of our readers are American, we now enjoy traffic from over 90 nations.

Funding: This website is privately funded by paid advertising (Goodle Ads) and affiliate marketing.

About Me

I love scouring yard sales on the weekends to find inexpensive pieces that I can upcycle into useful and beautiful pieces. As of late, I’ve had to do a little less searching. As word of my blog has gotten out in my local community, friends and neighbors have begun dropping off their “junk” to me. I often find broken ladders, rusted milk jugs, and tobacco sticks dropped off at my door. My friends are usually amazed to see the transformation of their old “junk.”

Also, my husband and I are avid DIY’er’s (is that a term?). We do landscaping projects to beautify our gardens on an almost ongoing basis. In addition to vegetables and fruits, we grow roses and annuals.  We create outdoor rustic art pieces that I always intend to upcycle and sell. However, I usually always fall in love with them and keep them!

We also preserve all the vegetables and fruit that I can handle every year. I can, freeze, and dehydrate items to use and share.  There’s nothing like the taste of zesty homemade pizza sauce on our Sunday afternoon pizza while watching football on a cold autumn day!

What Makes Me Tick?

I adore cooking and baking, and consider home-cooking DIY.  I often share original recipes as well as family favorites. There are very few restaurants in the very rural area of North Carolina that I call home, so we cook at home more often than not. My husband alternates between annoyed and amused when I won’t let us eat until I photograph our food for my blog.  He’s actually supportive, my biggest fan, and the carpenter that helps me with my projects.

I’m a high energy person.  I’m a little high strung, that’s for sure! I work a demanding full-time job but love to return to my little country home every day. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find me gardening, cooking, baking, canning, crafting, and completing my endless list of DIY projects.

“I have determined that blogging is cheaper than therapy!” –DIY Home & Garden


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