Pan Seared Flounder over Apple and Warm Kale Salad

Today's the first day of hunting season. This leaves me here on a Saturday with the house all to myself. I've had the chance to putter around at some little organizing projects, snuggle with my dog, and treat myself to a warm, decadent, but still Weight Watchers friendly lunch. I came up with the idea of putting pan seared flounder over apple and warm kale salad. 

6 Smart Ways to Cook Heart Healthy

Want to protect yourself and your family from heart attacks and stroke? Then, here are 6 smart ways to ensure you turn to heart-healthy cooking for the good of your family. Heart disease is a serious killer in the developed world. It is especially fatal for women, for whom there are often no warning symptoms. This is why heart disease is called the silent killer of women.

6 Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

Fall is just around the corner, and today we are looking at 6 vegetables to plant in your fall garden. If you are wondering what the hurry is all about as summer won't end for at least a month and some days, it's because autumn is your last chance to get fresh juicy vegetables from … Continue reading 6 Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

Primanti Bros Pittsburgh’s Most Famous Cole Slaw

As a relocated Yankee living in the south, I sometimes miss being able to order Pittsburgh's most famous cole slaw. You can get this very special slaw only at Primanti Bros. restaurants. They build sandwiches that are piled high with fresh meats, french fries, and they top it all off with this style of coleslaw

Fun Themes for a Summer Cookout

Yippee!!! Summer is finally here. Fine, summer would soon be here, give or take a couple of weeks. Everyone is excited and looking forward to sunny skies and cool breezes: a perfect atmosphere for cookouts. Almost everyone reading this post is either planning to host or attend a cookout during this summer period. If you … Continue reading Fun Themes for a Summer Cookout

The Cutest Container Gardens Are Easy To Create!

The cutest of container gardens are easy to create with just a little time and imagination. In fact, any vessel or bucket can be turned into a container garden. In my opinion, unexpected containers add charm and a rustic folk-art appeal to your outdoor living space. Whether the container is large or small makes no … Continue reading The Cutest Container Gardens Are Easy To Create!

Cheese Tortellini & Kale Salad

Cheese Tortellini & Kale Salad has become a staple in my household. Do you remember playing Never Did I Ever as a child?  I can honestly say that as a little girl, I would never in a million years have thought that I would grow to love kale as much as I do. I grow it … Continue reading Cheese Tortellini & Kale Salad