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9 Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make Right Now

St. Valentine’s Day is just a month away. Can you believe it? And now I’m ready to make Valentine’s Day crafts!

It feels like Christmas passed us by in a whirlwind. No sooner than I published my content on Christmas DIY decor, celebrated the season, and took down holiday decorations.  I’m feeling like the Christmas and New Year holidays passed by in a blink…  How about you?

In fact, I have scoured Pinterest for the project ideas that look fun, easy and not too complex. I’d like to give some of these a try. Take a look…

9 Valentine’s Day Crafts You Will Want to Try

So much fun… 

1- Jar Candle from an Upcycled Pickle Jar

First off, I love this idea because it upcycles a glass jar. A pasta sauce jar or pickle jar. The materials list is as simple as can be:

  • Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge sealing spray
  • tissue paper (white and red)
  • scissors
  • tealight (I love the battery operated lights)

Tear the white tissue into strips, dip in Mod Podge and cover the glass. Cut red hearts out of the red paper, and glue them over the white paper. Let it dry. Spray with the sealant spray. Finally, drop in your tea light or battery-operated candle. So cute!

What do you think?

2 – Paint Chip Bookmarks

My friend is a teacher, and when I sent her this Pin, she went over the moon for this idea. She spends a LOT of money on the children in her classroom. This craft will be really inexpensive for her to make. In fact, she contacted her local hardware store and they were glad to let her have 24 pink and red paint cards, considering she’s a regular retail customer…

Materials needed are:

  • Paint chips 
  • Small pink or red satin ribbon
  • heart-shaped hole punch

Punch heart-shaped holes in a stripe of color. Then, punch a hole in the top, insert the ribbon, voila! Bookmark in a flash.

3 –  “I Dig You” Valentine Day Gift

I live in a county that borders Albemarle Sound. Sea-inspired crafts are always a big hit in my parts. These are simple and easy to pull off. The most challenging part might be the tag. I found a multi-pack of toy shovels with pre-made “I Dig You” stickers online. Score one for me!

You could also give this to a little one who loves to dig in a sandbox.


  • Toy sand shovels (here’s a link to the ones I sourced for you)
  • Valentine’s Day candies
  • tall treat bags
  • pink or red ribbon
  • tags cut on Cricut (or hand cut) from cardstock

Cut your tags and write your message on the card stock. Then, carefully open up the treat bag, insert the shovel, and line up the long edges of the bag neatly. Pour in some candy, tie off the bag, and attach the tag with a red or pink ribbon. 

I sure “dig” this idea, how ’bout you?

4 –  Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll for Stamping

Again, the upcycling calls to me. I love reusing stuff. Pretty much anything that I can repurpose…love! I will make one of these and stamp homemade cards…or maybe decorate a hand-made gift tag or two.


Form the toilet paper tube into a heart shape. Dip it onto your ink pad to pick up the color and stamp away. How clever!

5 –  Valentine’s Day Craft to Decorate Your Home

This wood frame features a colorful red and white expression to honor the holiday.


  • Photo frame, sized to your choice
  • PicMonkey or photo editing app
  • Paper

You can make this on your printer at home in a photo editing tool like PicMonkey, print it to size, and insert it into a frame you already have–or purchase one for the occasion.

6 –  Table Centerpiece for February

I plan to use this idea to decorate my dining room table from now (or as soon as I make it) through February 14th. I have pink and red toile placemats I made years ago that I use every February–this centerpiece will complement them beautifully!

Materials needed:

  • Large candle holder or apothecary jar
  • Heart-shaped styrofoam jar filler

Arrange the foam hearts into your jar however you think looks best. So simple!

7 – S’mores in a Treat Bag to Give Your Special Someone

I also love this treat idea. I want to make these, but I’m unsure to whom I will give them! It’s a teeny little S’more kit in a treat bag. How adorable!


  • Treat bags
  • Ribbon
  • Pink marshmallow
  • 1/2 a milk chocolate bar
  • 2 graham cracker squares
  • labels and your printer

Print labels with the message “I need S’more friends like you…Happy Valentine’s Day.” Place the labels on the bags before you fill them–that will allow you to affix the label lying flat. Add the food items and tie off the top with a pretty ribbon. Easy peasy and yummy!

8 –  Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults to Eat–Pretzel Rods

Okay. So, we’ve shared some cute food gifts that would make cute classroom treats. Now for us adults. I so want to make some of these to share with friends. Yes, I’m still on Weight Watchers–but I still do enjoy my occasional treats. 

Material list:

  • Pretzel rod cellophane bags
  • Pretzel rods
  • White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate (here’s a link to a multi-pack I found)
  • Red and pink cupcake sprinkles
  • Ribbon to tie the bags closed

Melt the chocolate in the microwave, stirring occasionally. Or, use a double boiler to melt it down. Dip each pretzel quickly and remove it from the chocolate with a twisting motion to release excessive clumps of coating. Immediately roll into the sprinkles of your choosing. Finally, let chocolate coating set until firm, insert gently into the pretzel bag, and tie off the bag with some pretty ribbon.

9 –  Scrapbook Paper Wreath

Of all the crafts I found, this one is my hands-down favorite! I love a wreath on my door. However, I don’t like a wreath to be too foo-foo–as many are for this romantic holiday. This is simple and easy–and relatively inexpensive when you compare the cost to floral supplies!


  • Scrapbook paper
  • Cricut machine
  • Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge sealer
  • Chipboard wreath form
  • Ribbon (for a hanger)
  • Hot glue gun

Cut the hearts out of the scrapbook paper with your Cricut, selecting varying sizes. Next, Mod Podge them to the chipboard wreath form in an attractive arrangement and overlapping. Spray the wreath with Mod Podge sealer. Then, use hot glue to attach a length of satin ribbon to the back of the wreath for your hanger. 

The Takeaway: These Valentine’s Day Crafts are Fun and Easy!

You can get started making most of these craft ideas (except the food gifts) right after the New Year holidays. If you make any of them, we’d love to see you share images of your final product on our Facebook page!

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