From Italy with Love: How to Host an Italian Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as proven over and over again.When we rise up in the morning, our body is screaming out for energy. If we don’t have the time or choose to miss breakfast, we regret it all the way up to lunchtime. But what if you can’t have lunch either? In this day and age, food consumption can almost seem like an inconvenience because we’re so busy. Thank god for the Italian brunch then.

Cinnamon Caramel French Toast, A Sweet Breakfast Recipe

French toast is often categorized as a way to use up old bread, but Cinnamon Caramel French Toast is so much more than that. Okay. Technically, it is a wonderful way to use up old bread. However, this is so much better than that. It is rich and sweet at the same time.

Leftover Grits? Make Grits Bread for a Quick Weekday Breakfast Toast

Every time I fix them for breakfast, I end up with leftover grits. I have come up with a way to bake those leftovers into a hearty, richly-textured bread with a rustic appearance. It makes a wonderful toast and is a full-bodied bread to get out the door in the morning. I know a few … Continue reading Leftover Grits? Make Grits Bread for a Quick Weekday Breakfast Toast

Hot, Fresh Strawberry Pancakes: A Reason To Get Out of Bed!

In North Carolina, we are lucky that we harvest strawberries in April every year. The season starts around mid-April here in Eastern NC and lasts through early May. Give or take a few days, we have a few short weeks to savor the juicy, sweet flavor of strawberries. Pancakes with fresh strawberries are the perfect way to start out a cool April morning.