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3 Easy Hacks to a Cooler Garden Space in the Summer Heat

If you’ve got a beautiful garden space, but not many shady spots, here three hacks that can help you stay healthy and keep cool and escape the summer heat.

When the weather’s lovely outside you’ll find any excuse to get out amongst it; whether it’s BBQs, pool trips or to the local park or beach. However, during the upcoming summer heat, it’s essential to stay safe in the sun. And this goes for relaxing in our garden space just as much as at the beach.

garden space
Summertime–beat the heat while enjoying the outdoors.

Get planting 

Trees are Mother Nature’s cooling system.

Planting a tree is an easy DIY project

Trees are perfect for shading you from the sun and eco-friendly as a shade option, so why not get planting! You can get a landscape gardener in to take a look at your space and assess your options.

They can help you decide will kind of trees you should plant, and where, to get the shade that you desire. Of course, the catch is that you’ll be waiting a few years at least for the tree to grow and give you the shade that you’re after. If you’re looking for something that you don’t have to wait around for, let’s take a look at our next option. 

Retractable awnings 

Investing in retractable awnings is a great idea for they have ample benefits. If you’re not sure of the term, these are essentially roof-like structures often made of canvas or plastic, that extends from a wall. These can be retracted and folded as you please and can provide shelter from the weather.

Retractable awnings can be the perfect solution for shade in your garden or to shield your patio from the sun’s rays. When it’s sunny, you can sit underneath and still enjoy the outdoor space yet with a little added protection from the summer heat.

In the same way, if you live in a climate with unpredictable weather and it suddenly begins to rain on your bbq party, the day needn’t be ruined. Instead, you can simply retreat to under the awning until it passes! What’s more, you can end up saving a bit of money by giving the room that your awning extends from more shade in the summer. You won’t need to use aircon or fans as much to keep this room cool. 


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Patio umbrellas 


garden parasol
Take shade under an umbrella if your garden space is in the open sun.

Patio umbrellas (aka parasols) are another fab way to get some shade in your outdoor living space. With umbrellas, you can relax and enjoy a meal or drinks at your garden table without breaking too much of a sweat.

Why not choose a bold color to match the flowers in your garden and turn this into a chance to revamp your garden for the summer! The great thing about patio umbrellas is that they are portable, so no there’s no need to stay in just one space. 

We all look forward to basking in our gardens in the summer and if you’re a sun worshipper that’s great! However, not all of us can take the heat, and it’s much healthier for our bodies to seek a little shade now and then. Have an idea about which option would suit you best for your garden space, and you’ll soon be staying cool and enjoying the summer!

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