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Easy Luxe Home Exterior Tips

Love the rich look of a luxe home exterior? A famous British textile designer, William Morris, once said:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ~William Morris

And that goes for the outside too. Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and happened upon image after image of beautiful home exteriors?

Or, have you strolled through a village or city you aren’t familiar with and marveled at the different styles of the local houses. From large wisteria trellises and fragrant roses to small pots and plants, they look lush.  And, they offer curb appeal in spades.

Before you get started – take a walk to the end of your front garden and turn around, and ask yourself a few questions:

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get that perfect luxurious-looking home exterior. 

Clean Machine

Head out there on a bright Saturday morning armed with a can-do attitude. Keep your front garden, foundation plantings, or even the driveway neat and clean at all times. The manicured lawn doesn’t take too much effort if you are keeping on top of it. Ensure you edge the lawn for a super polished look. 

If you don’t have a big front garden, or you simply have a stoop, you can still keep that clean. You can use a pressure washer to blast away dirt and grime. You will only need to do that once every few months to keep them looking pretty new. 

Team Green

Big plant pots filled with beautiful greenery seem to have a significant impact on your curb appeal. The bigger containers look classic and are heavy enough not to risk being blown away in rough weather. You can plant some lush all-year green plants, or opt for something like lavender or English roses. They smell fabulous and look very inviting. 

If you just don’t have the space for it, then consider installing some window boxes with a range of herbs and smaller florals. They really make a significant impact even though they aren’t difficult to maintain. 

Knock Knock

A front door in “Oceanside” makes a splash against a classic white exterior and adds charm and character to the luxe home exterior vibe.

Who’s there? A more beautiful front door and a better letterbox. Spend some time cleaning down your door, wiping away spider webs, and dirt. If you don’t like the color, then it is time to replace it.

Wooden doors can be sanded down and repainted without too much fuss, but you might need to replace the whole thing if it is plastic. Brushed metal knockers are enormous, do the job well and look great – so consider replacing those too. 

Fix Up

Do you need to repair chipped bricks or complete odd jobs that look shabby?  Is there debris in your crawl space or moisture in the basement? Or, do you see roofing shingles that are worn or loose? If so, either book appointments with professionals to get them done, or do them yourself. Cut back hedges and shrubbery, check all of the paving, remove mold and mildew from the walls and pull up weeds too. 

If you stay on top of the smaller maintenance you won’t be landed with a big repair bill; and, your home will always look a little bit luxurious. 

What will you do to give your home a more luxe home exterior?

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