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Transform Wasted Space into Productive Home Office Space

Do you work from your home? As nice as the idea might be, you can’t rely on being able to complete all of your work from the sofa or the comfort of your bed. Not only can this be uncomfortable after a while, but it can also be a massive productivity killer. You are much more likely to want to take a nap, or do anything but your work. So, that’s not the best option. Therefore, having a dedicated home office space where you can get your work done from home is vital. 

It doesn’t have to be a large space at all. There won’t be many people with a vacant spare room in need of a purpose. In fact, if there isn’t space, it doesn’t even have to be a separate room.

There are options like looking into portable buildings if you really want a separate space (or you have a business that is expanding and you have some employees to hire). But no matter the size of the space that you have, there are some things that you can do to make the space that you do have work for you. So here are some handy tips to help you to set up your work area.

Identify an Unused Area of Your Home

To start off with, you need to look for an area in your home that isn’t used or is underused. If you have some empty space where just something like a houseplant is filling the space, then that could be an option. It could be in your bedroom or a large walk-in storage area. Or, it could be an underutilized garage or shed. The living room or attic are also spaces to think about. From there, you can make plans to create it into a space that will help you to work productively and to help you to build your empire. 

Set up a Desk

home office space
A desk is a must-have for the work-from-home person!

There is no getting away from the fact that you are going to need a desk to truly be productive. It will help you to be much more comfortable sat typing on a laptop, as well as create a conducive environment to getting work done. But when it comes to choosing the desk that you need for the office, you will have a few different options.

For example, if you decide to buy a small desk for the space, then scale it down to size. The reason being is that then it won’t become a dumping ground for other things. If all you can fit on there are some work folders and your computer, then that will go a long way to helping the desk really serve its purpose. If you are setting up the desk in your room, can you use what was a vanity table instead?

Just make sure that you remove all of the clutter so that you are able to transform it into a workspace, and it will mean that you are limiting distractions too. Another alternative if you are short on floor space is to install a wall-mounted desk. Having a desk that is ready and right there on the wall can be a good alternative. You could even choose one that folds up if you are really limited t excess space in your home.

Create Boundaries for your Home Office

You need to make sure that you are able to create and establish some boundaries when it comes to having a separate office space in your home. This is especially true if the office is still part of a normal part of the house. The reason that you need to crete some boundaries can be for you to be more productive, and avoid things like switching the TV on. But it can also stop a spouse or children, for example, from interrupting when you are in work mode.

It some instances, it might just be the case of closing the door when someone is in there, and then it can show to people that you don’t want to be disturbed. If you have a desk in an open space, like a dining room or living room, then something like putting headphones on could be another indicator for others, and can also help you to avoid distraction.

Natural Light

Having natural light is really important in basically any aspect of home design. But when it comes to creating an office at home, that can really help you to be productive. Unnatural light can put a strain on the eye, leading to things like headaches and even making you feel more tired than normal. So look for a desk space that can be near some natural light.

If you can face it out of a window, then it can really be a good way to boost your productivity, and it can also act as a calming distraction when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It would be much better to look out of a window when feeling anxious with your workload, rather than hunching over your phone.

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Motivate Yourself

Depending on where in the office at home is, will depend how much you can do with the decor. But if you have some wall space near your desk, how about using some photos or motivational quotes to spur you on? Then when you are feeling distracted, you can look up and remember your motivation.

The Takeaway on Carving out a Home Office

It can work, even in a small space

The good news is that you don’t need a large space in order to work productively and create a great work-from-home business. The reason being is that you will simply need your computer and an internet connection. So for this reason, don’t get in the mindset that you need a huge space. If you have a lot of space, or simply want a large space, then great. But it isn’t a must. By working smart and avoiding things that are going to hinder how well you work, you can create a productive home office.


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