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15 Hacks to Turn a Guest Bedroom into a Luxury Spot

What’s the state of your guest bedroom? The travel season is here. That means it’s time to host visitors, from friends to family members.

It’s apparent that you want nothing but the best for your visitors—an unforgettable luxurious experience that will ensure they enjoy every minute and second of their stay with you. And there is no much better way to ensure that than to inject some thoughtful touches to that spare bedroom—an act that will not only make your guests feel pampered but also make them feel at home.

Imagine yourself walking into a 5-star hotel room…Everything in there always looks perfect (If you’ve been there, you know that); the beddings, furniture, the color of the walls, the windows…mention it.

It’s now time to export that comfort to your small guest room. And how do you do that?

Below are the 15 inspiring guest bedroom ideas to help you welcome your visitors. 

Tip #1 – Create some space in the closet

Definitely, there is stuff you haven’t been using for a while, and their place has been the guest room closet. Now that you’re expecting overnight guests, it’s probably the ideal time to go through everything in there and do away with what you no longer need—mmhh…call it an impromptu declutter session!

You don’t have to get everything out if you don’t want to. A 12-15 inches rod space will do for your guests to hang up their clothes.

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Tip #2 – Purchase some extra hangers

These could be those extra wire hangers you have lying around your bedroom closet. But if there are no such extras, buy a few. You’ll find them useful even after the guests have left.

Have no closets in the guest bedroom? Or maybe it’s impossible to clear out the closet? No worries. Over-door hooks can still provide your guests with the much-needed hanging space for coats, towels, and handbags.  They’re very affordable and readily available at the local stores.

Tip #3 – Clear out the drawers

When you don’t have visitors, the guest bedroom is probably a catch-all room. It might double as a children’s playroom, home office, or sewing room.

Thus, the drawers in this room may currently be the home to your child’s unwanted dolls, toner cartridges, or craft supplies. However, it’s now time to clear them out. Yes, it’s your space, but for a moment (most likely a couple of days or weeks), make the guests feel like they own the spare bedroom.

You can opt to bring in an extra chest of drawers if it’s impossible to empty the existing one (and if space permits).

Tip #4 – How about the walls?

Colors and light significantly affect our moods, you know that.  So, consider sprucing up the walls with some fresh coat of neutral paint. Who knows, the crisp color could be what brightens up their day and make them happy every single morning they’ll be waking up at your home.

Also, invest in inexpensive wall dimmers to help create the desired lighting. This is especially if you’ve used a bold color on the walls.

Love to speak your personality through colors? Here are a few colors (and what they stand for) to help you make the right paint choice:


Green signifies an easy-to-get-along-with person—one who exercises patience and keeps off unnecessary drama. It’s also thought to be the most relaxing color, and so you may want to try it out to create that calm environment for visitors to unwind after a busy day.


If rich, warm mocha is your color, then you’re a reliable, confident, and honest person, traits that will always attract people to you. It speaks of your appreciation for the simple life luxuries and the love you exhibit when it comes to home decoration.


Though it comes in different tones, blue symbolizes peace and harmony. If that’s your favorite color, then you’re a loyal person who loves routine and not only makes friends but also keeps them.

And since a clean and organized space is your preference, consider adding a little extra storage space. You can use a deep basket to store guest towels and extra blankets so that they’re easily accessible to the guests. They will thank you for it.


Other than its soothing and calming effects, grey color depicts your love for the latest high-tech gadgets and minimalist design. You want a bedroom where you can recharge after a long day, and so is everyone else, including your guests.

Tip #5 – Speaking of gadgets, leave out a cell phone universal charger

Not every guest will remember to pack this essential item, and so, making it readily available in the room will be of great help to them.

Tip #6 – Invest in bedding

Any other thing may seem perfect, but how about the bedding? You want to ensure that your guests get a good night’s sleep, therefore, invest in quality bedding. And let everything, from the sheets to the duvets and pillows smell fresh and clean.

You can go ahead and spend a night or two in the guest bedroom (of course, before the arrival of your guests) just to ensure that everything, including the mattress, is comfortable.

Tip #7 – Privacy is key

Everyone wants some private space, and proper window dressing is one such great way to assure your guests of their privacy.

Consider adding roller shades or blinds to your windows, or go out of the way to get blackout drapes (if you have the budget)—they’re good at blocking out the early morning sunlight, so your guests have ample resting time.

Tip #8 – Remember the extra pillows

Offer up extra pillows for your guests to enjoy during their stay with you. Some people like to read in bed, so, other than the sleeping pillows, provide a few extras, as well. Square, decorative pillows could be suitable in providing this extra support.

And remember, pillows are all about comfort; otherwise, your visitor will be waking up (every day) complaining of neck pains. You don’t want them to experience uncomfortable or itchy skin either, so invest in pillows made of allergy-free materials.

Tip #9 – Make their reading easier by providing adequate lighting

This can be a wall sconce next to the bed or a lamp (preferably an adjustable desk lamp) to help them read or do their Sodoku puzzles without necessarily having to light up the entire room. Lighting is a fantastic way to add a special ambiance to any room.

Tip # 10 – Add a nightstand–even in the smallest guest bedroom

This is where you can place a few pieces of reading material, a table lamp, an alarm clock, and any other guest bedroom essentials like tissues, for ease of access by your guests. The nightstand should be spacious enough to accommodate other things like eyeglasses, wristwatches, and medication, since your guest may need to keep these items nearby.

If your small guest room can’t accommodate a nightstand, then no reason to worry. A simple DIY project like mounting a shelf next to the bed and dressing it in cheerful linen that compliments the room color can as well do the trick. It serves as a floating nightstand! 

Note: This idea is a space-saving hack that works in any smaller bedroom

Tip #11 – Provide a chair and a dressing table if possible

At some point, your guest(s) may require a little privacy to attend to personal matters, and perhaps, wouldn’t want to sit on the bed. Make it all easy for them by putting in a chair even if there isn’t a table.

A chair and some tables are among the few guest bedroom essentials you can bank on to serve more than just one purpose. In this case, they can also double up as a dressing area, of course, with a small mirror hanging somewhere around. The longer the dressing mirrors, the better for the guest.

Tip #12 – Clearly and beautifully display the Wi-Fi password

Print out the password to your home’s WiFi and mount it onto card stock, or simply frame it. Then, place it in a visible location. This added touch is special and shows great care and concern for your guests.

Also, remember to include other crucial information such as emergency numbers, just in case your guest may need to make an emergency call.

Tip #13 – Provide guests with a posh toiletries gift basket

Put in mini versions of mouthwash, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, sunscreen, body lotion, toothbrush, razors, hairbrush and comb, and any other small items you may think of that can easily be forgotten when traveling. Then, place this assortment on the guest room table or somewhere easily accessible to them.

They will not only thank you for such a kind act but also get the impression that you really care about them.

Extend your kindness by availing of their favorite snacks, plus some guides to help them understand the area better. You can put these in a separate, nicely decorated gift basket.

Tip #14 – Clear the room of excessive clutter

You’re almost done. But before you leave the room, ensure no clutter is left out on the shelves, nightstands, and dresser tops. This is to allow your guests to freely unpack their luggage and enjoy the usable space.

Tip #15 – Time for the flowers

This is a must-have for any guest bedroom as it creates a fresh and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

You can choose to cut the blooms from your garden and neatly arrange them in a small jar or acquire them from your local grocery store.

The Takeaway: Make your guest bedroom a welcoming haven

No home is perfect. However, these 15 guest bedroom ideas will make it all perfect for your visiting friends and family members.

And one more thing, something that will forever be engraved in the minds of your guests…


Include a framed picture that reminds you both of one of your cherished moments together. Ensure it’s well displayed on the guest room nightstand so that they see it once they walk into the guest retreat. It will, almost certainly, put a smile on their faces and rekindle those good memories. It will be a thoughtful touch that they can take home as a token of your friendship post-visit.

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