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Organizing Hacks: Tackling Your Dresser Drawers

You may think of it as a really daunting task, but did you know that organizing your dresser drawers can save you your precious time? That’s especially true when you are in a hurry?

Imagine a dresser overstuffed with clothes and one with properly folded out items. The two dressers speak out loudly for themselves. The latter shouts organization while the first one cries for the organization’s magic. Even drawers, somehow, suffocate due to lack of air. And that is why, in many cases, you’ll spot molds on the overstuffed clothes.

Feeling frustrated by the current state of your dresser drawers? And do you want a whole new look from the messy current situation?

Then below are some of the dresser-organizing tips to help you reorganize everything in your drawers:

Dresser drawer organizing tips

1. Clean out the drawers

It’s a new beginning for your dresser, and so, start by emptying the drawers. You need that clear space to rethink, visualize, and plan how you’d like your new dresser to look like. This is also the best time to ensure that all the drawers are in good shape and move smoothly.

Put everything on the bed or floor, then proceed to dust and wipe out the drawers before returning anything back in.

The next thing you want to do is to declutter. Most likely, you will have clothes that you no longer wear. So perhaps you would like to donate, consign, repair, or maybe discard them. Therefore, get some baskets and have them labeled with your preferred sorting categories.

2. The decluttering process

It’s the most crucial yet the most difficult stage when it comes to dresser organization. This is where you’ll find the “ooh, I’ll keep this just in case…”, “I’ll repair this for my yoga sessions…”—unending excuses to just keep an item because you don’t feel like doing away with it—you’ve become attached to it.

Follow these decluttering rules to make the process even simpler:

  • Anything in good shape that you haven’t worn for the past 12 months should be flown into the “donate” basket. This may also include the clothes that no longer fit you.
  • You love and find joy wearing it? Then toss it in the “keep” basket.
  • It requires a button, some hole-fixing, or stain removal and you still love it, throw it into the “repair” category.
  • If it has what you consider “irreparable damages”, toss into the trash basket.

Hint: Only keep what brings you joy, just as Marie Kondo puts it. If you don’t like how it fits you or no longer find joy in it, don’t hesitate to do away with it.

3. Put the “keeps” back in

To keep your dresser more organized, consider using drawer dividers. They not only make everything neat but also make it easy to locate items. And this is especially when you categorize like items together as opposed to when you have everything mixed.

Note that not everything will go back into the drawers. Things like sweaters and other bulky clothing are better off hanged in the closet or folded in a free bag—unless you have lots of free space in the drawers. Otherwise, only have the light and easy-to-roll clothes in the dresser.

Still not sure of what to hang and what to fold? Here is a guideline to help you out.

Fold: Khakis or chinos, jeans, wool sweaters, knitwear, t-shirts, tank tops, tights, skirts, undergarments, and pajamas. Use a folding board to ensure you make all the items the same size for easy storage. Rolling still works for the synthetic tees and tights. It’s also a great way to create more storage space.

Hang: shirts, ties, blazers, belts, trousers, cotton, and linen clothes. You can as well hang your jeans.

The simple rule here is; hang those clothes that easily get wrinkled or are bulky. And fold those that are light, non-wrinkly or those that easily lose their original shape when hung.

Drawer Divider
You want to spend the least time possible locating a t-shirt, tight, or any clothing from the drawer, and so, ensure they (the clothes) are vertically arranged. Not piled on top of each other. That way, you get to see every cloth from afar as well as enabling you to equally utilize your garments. (That’s another hack by Marie Kondo–don’t you love her?)

Dresser drawer dividers will help keep all your work securely in place.

Hosiery Divider

from: EasyClosets

4. Have the “season” in mind

Is the dresser your only storage space? Then put back the “keeps” with the season in mind. Depending on the number of drawers you have, dedicate the bottom ones for the out-of-season clothes and let the upper ones carry your in-season clothes.

Out-of-season clothes can also go into the closet or some other storage space (if available) to avoid overstuffing the dresser. Do this decluttering session every season to make organizing much easier.

5. Work on your dresser top

Forget the dresser drawers a moment and look on the top.

This flat surface is kind of a magnet that often tends to attract various items—from the “let me put this here for a minute” to those consciously put there and intended to stay for days or even months.

Yes, it could be your additional storage space. However, try as much as possible to have only a few things on it. This can be an accessories holder, flower(s), a lamp, or a framed picture of yourself, family, and or friends.

Have a daily tidy-up routine to ensure that only what you intend to have on the dresser top stays around.

Remember, a clear dresser top, other than portraying a picture of a clutter-free room, also enhances the calming effect of your bedroom, making it the ideal place you want to relax. After all, that’s the main purpose of a bedroom.

The Takeaway: Organized Dresser Drawers Make Your Life Easier

Given a chance, most people would definitely want to avoid the daily closet or dresser organizing chore. However, the truth is, the little you do every single day by putting everything into its rightful place, greatly help to achieve long-term sanity when it comes to closet and dresser organization.

When done doing laundry, fold properly and put them right away to their rightful place.

Also, ensure that you carefully go through your current clothes to see if there are any you would want to do away with. Resist the urge to get new outfits before doing the purging. This helps ensure a reasonable and manageable wardrobe—in this case, a manageable dresser.

Depending on the dresser drawer organizing tip that works for you, the secret is, to abide by it. And make it a routine. Then, you can apply the same principles to every area of your home–from your home office to your bathroom linen closet.

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