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9 Smart Hacks to Organize a Closet Beautifully

Do you envy those people on home network shows that seem to know how to organize a closet just so?

A beautiful and well-organized closet is something that most of us all want, as it feel luxurious to see all your clothing displayed in front of you each morning. Plus, you’ll relieve stress when you’re not always looking for the very thing you cannot find. 

Ever wondered why when you search for something (like in this case, something to wear), and especially when in a hurry, you don’t find it; only to locate it later on when you don’t really need it? This is the most likely scenario if you operate a disorganized closet.

Your closet is the heart of your bedroom, and so it dictates (to a large extent) the mood of the room—which by far, extends to your moods as well.

Below are the nine workable tips on how to organize a closet—not only for enhanced aesthetics but also for optimized closet space.

How to (beautifully) organize a closet

1. Clean out the closet

First things first. Get everything out and begin to declutter. If it doesn’t fit you anymore, it got to go. And if you haven’t worn it for the past 6+ months, consider donating or selling.

Separate out all your out-of-season clothes and designate a specific closet for them or simply fold and store them in a bag. Let your closet carry only what you wear on a regular basis—not what you plan to use in the future.


2. Have a good hanging plan

You’re done with the decluttering process and wiped out the closet and drawers—now it’s time to bring your items back in. Decide on an organizational system that will work best for your closet—your clothing.

For instance, you can choose to have all your dresses in one area, your pants or shirts in another, and the same applies to the other items. Categorize your clothing.

And speaking of categories, you can sub-categorize further by occasion, length, color, or season.

3. Add double hanging bars

It’s a great way to double your closet hanging space. Your classy tops, long skirts, and blazers no longer have to fight over the little space.

Normally a single rod closet system would require a mounting height of 66 inches, that is, above the floor. But in the case of double-rod system, consider 81 ¾ inches (above the closet floor) for the upper rod, and 40 ½ inches above the floor for the lower rod.

You can use the lower rod to hang your everyday tops, blazers, shorts, and folded pants—and the upper one for those less-frequently worn clothes.

4. Use the shelves to store sweaters

Ideally, sweaters shouldn’t be hanged. Why? Hanging can easily cause them to snag and even lose shape.

Fold them and arrange neatly on the shelves—on top of each other. Have not more than five sweaters in a pile. That way, it becomes easy to quickly locate and grab a sweater. Plus, it reduces the chances of your sweaters falling—which is the case with over-stacking.

Alternatively, store the sweaters in a drawer by simply folding them (like you normally would) and then vertically place them in the drawer. This method not only allows you more storage space but also makes the items more visible, so you don’t create a mess searching through clothes.

5. Hang by color

Organizing your clothing by color is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your closet’s aesthetics. It makes item-location a lot easier and also gives your closet a pleasant pretty look.

Whether you’re folding or hanging, the color code method is a guarantee to bring out the best of your closet.

6. Add shoe racks

canvas shoes

If you aren’t one of those lucky ones to have a functional closet bottom (the space between the hems of your hanging clothing and the floor), then you’ve got to be a little more creative…

Simply take advantage of the vertical storage space. You can choose to have an over-the-door shoe rack or mount one on the wall—which can be as high as you want.

The tiny corners next to your closet or entryway are also great options to locate your shoe rack.

7. Use drawer dividers

You want to keep every single tiny item (like undergarments and ties) as visible as possible for easy access. Therefore, get some drawer dividers.

Be sure to roll the contents for easy location and space maximization.

8. Organize in the order you intend to dress

This is the surest way to save time and enjoy your morning routine every day as you get ready for the day. You simply pick (the day’s outfit) and go.

Do the same with your regularly used items—put them at an eye-level position (which can be in the middle of your closet) to avoid the hassle of endless search.

9. Use matching hangers

This can be in terms of color and or design. Matching hangers help limit visual clutter and give your closet a pretty streamlined look.

Small closet?

Feeling discouraged because of the small closet space? How about these simple yet effective hacks on how to organize a closet with limited space…? Here is how to maximize that space and create more room for storage.

  • Declutter. Other than your clothes, shoes, and accessories, also rid your closet of those plastic coverings that came with your clothes from the dry cleaning.
  • Do away with the clothes that no longer fit you. You can donate, sell or repair.
  • Add in some lighting. Lighting your closet helps give the impression of a bigger space. You can opt to buy or DIY your own LED lighted closet rods and enjoy the “extra” space.
  • Hang a mirror. This is another great way to create the impression of a bigger closet. Whether attached to the closet door or put inside, a mirror will just serve its purpose right.
  • Make use of the doors. Stick hooks on the inside of your closet for hanging things like pajamas, scarves or even handbags and belts. This may be impossible with sliding closet doors, though. However, if you own the place, consider a DIY project to help make the closet more accessible.
  • Create and maintain Space. Make decluttering a routine for your closet. Let go of what you no longer use. Only buy when necessary and make room for the new arrivals (first) before heading to the store.
  • Get a clothing rack. You can use a freestanding clothing rack to decongest your small closet.

The Takeaway: What Are You Waiting For?                      

No matter the size or layout of your closet, there is always something you can do to optimize and beautify it. Just work with the tips above and you’ll be on your way to that perfect easy-to-navigate wardrobe that not only saves you time but also helps keep your clothing in good shape.

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