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Author name: Maureen

Maureen joined the DIY Home & Garden team in 2018, to help out with a writing backlog. Her work was so excellent that she ended up joining the team as a regular contributing author. Today, she also serves as a content producer and sometimes editor. Her vast (and often surprising!) skillset enables her to conquer any challenges. She loves writing about gardening, wellness, and raising healthy children. As a full-time author and parent of two children, Maureen knows a trick or two on these topics. After gaining valuable experience in blogging and content production with the DIY Home & Garden team, Maureen branched out and started her own publication, as well. Now, she proudly publishes the website: The Perfect Parenting Place.


Jalapeno: A Care and Growing Guide for a Savory Pepper

Jalapeno is a chili pepper cultivar of the genus Capsicum annuum—to which also belongs habanero, cayenne, and sweet bell peppers. It’s also an extended family member of the nightshade vegetable fraternity, Solanaceae, including tomatoes and eggplants. Like other hot peppers, Jalapeno is a tropical native (mainly from Central and South America), growing best in hot

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