4 Easy Ways To Tidy Up and Organize Your Garage | Guest Post by Zacs Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, you know it’s a great place to store all sorts of household and lawn items. But more often than not, the garage is the first place in the home to become a cluttered, disorganized mess. It’s not a joke that the garage is a dumping ground for the random items you have acquired over time.

How to Speed-Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes Tops!

A friend or a relative calls to inform you they are in the area and would love to drop by, presumably to check on you, ask about your welfare, or just engage in a simple chat. And just like that, panic sets in! Why? Your house is not exactly presentable. Everywhere's looking cluttered; there are … Continue reading How to Speed-Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes Tops!

9 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry

Pantry a hot mess? No worries, here are 9 hacks for organizing your pantry. Improvise on storage spaces with magazine holders Magazine holders can do way more than their intended design of holding magazines. With a wee bit of cleverness, you can get them to hold aluminum foil, plastic wraps, and even cans. All you … Continue reading 9 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry

How To Guide: Turn Trash Into Cash As You Organize Your Home

If you're overwhelmed with clutter in your home, this how to guide will show you some ways to turn your trash into cash as you organize your home. We all unintentionally collect things that we don't use. Now make some money selling them!