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How To Make Healthy Trail Mix For on the Go Snacks

Trail mix is a snack that is difficult to get right. It can either boost your energy excellently or make you feel unhealthy and ill. Nonetheless, healthy trail mix can be a fantastic snack when you make it appropriately with nutritious ingredients.

In addition to its ingredients, you have to know how to create an amazing snack properly, which is to ring the changes of different textures, flavors, and sorts of ingredients. Thanks to all these things, your trail mix will not only be delicious but also satisfy you during physical activities such as your workout, running, long summertime walks. You can also keep them on hand for when you want a crunchy between-meal snack food.

If you wish for a well-rounded mix, varied salty, nut-based, spicy, or sweet ingredients will be your ideal options.

6 Healthy Trail Mix Ingredients to Include in Your Custom Blend

In the following recipe, I suggest 6 mix and match ingredients for you to create your healthy trail mix.

1. Nuts

You can use your favorite nuts here without inhibition. Raw nuts not having been coated then roasted in salt and soybean or hydrogenated oils will be preferable choices. If you want to keep your mix toasty for a longer time, you should dry roast the nuts at home. If you do not want to dry them, keep them raw. Regardless, they add the protein to your diet that your body requires.

Below are the most popular types of nuts that you might choose to make a healthy trail mix:


Peanuts are a kind of nuts that are popularly used not only in America but also in many countries in the world. These legumes are also taken as snacks in many households. Peanuts contain many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants which are particularly good for your health. You can mix the peanuts with almonds, raisins, and chocolate in a bowl and store them in an airtight container for use.

honey maple peanut butter bites
These honey maple peanut butter bites are a protein bomb!


Almonds are nuts that are supposed to conform to outstanding health benefits. These nuts which supply numerous nutrients, as well as healthy fats, play an essential role in boosting the function of your blood flow and heart. With so many benefits from almonds, don’t forget to mix almonds with other ingredients in this list to make a nice snack for yourself.


When added to your mix, cashews definitely enhance the flavor. They are perfectly mixed with other chewy and crunchy ingredients since they contain a naturally smooth texture. It can be denied that the taste of cashews is extremely amazing. Moreover, this kind of nuts provides a great deal of magnesium and copper and have a lower fat rate than other nuts.

2. Dried fruit

Trail mix will be much greater if it is sweeter. Most people love sweetness but sugar is not good for your health. So when you buy dried fruits, choose the one that is unsweetened or has a very minimum amount of sugar. The bulk sections on the labels show you which is unsweetened dried fruit. So read the labels carefully.

3. Chocolate

Sugar-filled and milk chocolate are not appropriate for your mix. The perfect chocolate is the dark one containing no less than 70% cocoa. However, the perfect chocolate is vegan chocolate. It helps to excess dairy.
Do not forget to read the labels and find which having no bunch of fillers. In this photo is the tiny chocolate chips that I used. From what I saw, the small in size chocolate fall to the bottom completely so that I will buy bigger ones next time.

4. Popcorn

Popped popcorn provides you with antioxidants that work wonders for your health. Why don’t you think of whole-grain kernels instead of microwaved popcorn? Sprinkle a little sea salt to flavor your mix. Do not hesitate to try one of these amazing hacks to turn your popcorn into stunning food.

5. Banana chips

If you desire a crunchy but sweet ingredient, banana chips will be your ideal choice. Bananas are packed with potassium and highly boost energy. As a result, they are considered to be one of the most dehydrating fruits. This fruit not only elevates your mix but also fulfills your sweet tooth and boosts your energy.

6. Ginger

Are you looking for a spicy and sweet ingredient? What you need is dried ginger. You should avoid certain things when adding ginger to your mix.

First, do not use candied ginger because it contains extra sugar.

Second, add little-dried ginger due to its quite strong flavor. If you use ginger effectively, it will help you with nausea, digestive ease, and sustain energy at a high level.

pumpkin spice
Pumpkin Spice Snack Mix is the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

How should I mix these ingredients?

You should regularly change your trail mix a little bit each time. You’ll grow weary of eating the same trail mix blend all the time.

You can add either dark chocolate chips of high quality whose taste is perfect with nuts or oats, popcorn, natural yogurt balls, and granola. The more flexible you are when making this snack, the more ideas you have.

These ingredients are just a few examples of elevating your trail mix. There is no limit to your choices. However, remember to use nutrient and plant-based ingredients so you can have a very healthy trail mix.

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