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Carpet Cleaning 101 (How Often You Should Clean Your Carpets)

Carpet cleaning is an essential home maintenance routine. Today, we will share how often you should clean your carpets and explain why it’s a vital (albeit much-hated) chore.

Carpets are great interior decors.

  • They are stylish,
  • give your home a new dimension,
  • and they are definitely comfortable under the foot.

On the other hand, carpets are always walked over and they are one of the most ignored things in a house. Carpet fibers can easily pick up dirt, pollutants, grimes, and pet hairs.

And, because it is quite often disregarded, we fail to realize the bad effects that a dirty, grimy, and smelly carpet can have on the people living with it. Carpet cleaning services can help you fix the filthy carpet problem efficiently and almost, instantly.

How? They use professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment that is above the typical household vacuum or extractor.

These pro services are most useful for working professionals who do not find time to clean carpets regularly.

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is Essential

Dirty rugs or carpets can cause you, your family, and your pets serious mental and physical health complications, including airborne diseases and infections.

Unkempt carpets are the ideal spots for microorganisms, like mold and mildew, to breed and grow. Stains, residue from spills and spews, moisture, and dirt and grimes can make the air polluted, which can lead to depression, fatigue, lungs problem, as well as low productivity in employees.

On the other hand, fresh air lifts mood, increases productivity in people, prevent airborne microbe growth, and makes the place appear beautiful and fresh.

‘How often does regularly mean’, you may want to know.  What is the time span for regular cleaning? Is it ‘wait for the signs’ or schedule for regular intervals via professional cleaners? Well, the answer totally depends upon your way of living and the place you live in.

Before You Decide on the Numbers, ask These Questions

There is no one timetable for carpet cleaning. It all depends upon various factors or questions, which you should ask yourself:

  • What is the amount of foot traffic on your carpet are? For instance, if it is a household carpet and you are a job goer, then once in a week cleaning should be more than enough to keep your carpets clean and fresh. However, if we are talking about office carpets, then the interval changes to once in two days or perhaps daily.
  • Do you have any allergies? If you have allergies, like asthma or dust allergy, unclean carpets can aggravate the symptoms.
  • Do you or anyone in the household smoke? If yes, you need to keep the air clean too.
  • Do you have pets or kids? Pets and kids are the most demanding and messy things. And since you cannot stop them from being mischievous, the interval becomes shorter, and the number increases to two or three times a week.
dog on clean carpet
What spot on the carpet?

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The general thumb rules for carpet cleaning go like this:

  • For a small household, without pets or children and smokers, vacuum the carpet once a week. Hire a pro carpet cleaner once yearly.
  • For a regular household, with kids, pets and smokers, vacuum your carpet twice a week and have them cleaned via a carpet cleaning service provider once a year.
  • For a heavy-traffic household or property located in a high-traffic area, clean your carpets 5 to 6 times a week and have it professionally cleaned twice a year.

While this was a general rule, any spills, stains or grimes you see must be cleaned immediately to prevent risks, such as stain spreading to carpet padding, odors, and dying carpet fibers. If stains, spills and spews are a daily-affair, buy a good quality stain-resistant carpet or rug.

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