5 Inspiring Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

What does your home exterior say about you? The interior of your home isn’t the only area that needs your attention, the outside is just as important too, especially when it’s the first impression guests will see before entering your home. If you had to be totally honest about the exterior of your home, what … Continue reading 5 Inspiring Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

Exterior Painting Before and After

When you see these exterior painting before and after photos, you will see how a weekend with a paintbrush can transform the look of your home. In fact, painting the exterior of your home can add curb appeal, add value, and increase the desirability of your neighborhood.

When DIY Is A Bad Idea

There are some occasions when DIY is a bad idea. While I'm an avid DIY'er, there are some jobs that are best left to professionals. While I've never taken on a job that I haven't been able to finish, I have had several emails from people looking for advice. Unfortunately, sometimes I really don't have the answer. Because when it comes to bigger jobs, more skilled installations, or jobs that require tradesmen I also hire a pro.