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4 Ways to Add Some Wilderness to Your Garden

A cultivated and well-groomed garden can be a lovely thing, but it’s not for everyone. While some people might like a garden that’s neat and uniform, others prefer something that’s a little wilder. If you like gardens that are a little more untamed, you might like to design one that has a touch of wilderness about it. That doesn’t mean that it has to be out of control. Your garden can have some character but still be kept under control. Here are four fun and easy ideas. Indeed, you can make your garden a bit more on the wild side without turning it into a jungle.

Try These Four Things to Add Wilderness to Your Garden

Give these ideas a try.

1 – Add a Wild Water Feature

A water feature is a great addition to any garden, and there are many different styles you could consider installing. But if you want to add a wilderness feel to your garden, you should consider a pond or a natural pool. Look for an expert pond construction company to help you design and install a water feature that meets your needs. Your water feature could start bringing in wildlife, like frogs and insects, or it could be the perfect place to have some fish. A natural pool could be a good idea too, allowing you to swim and keep it clean with the right plants.


Learn five excellent reasons why you should consider adding a pond to your landscape plan.

2 – Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

If it’s a wilderness look that you want, bringing wildlife into your garden will give you the vibe that you are looking for. When wildlife is attracted to your garden, you know you’ve provided a good habitat and that it meets your wild brief. You can attract all kinds of things, from birds to insects and mammals. Go beyond simply providing food and water and make sure you have lots of places for animals to hide and perhaps even breed. A rock garden could attract insects. Lots of shade could bring animals looking for shelter.

3 – Choose to Use Native Plants

Native plants are a great choice if you want to have a wilder garden. One reason for this is that they will often require less maintenance, but they can also be left to grow without taking over your whole garden. Native plants will also attract native wildlife, so they’re perfect if you want to bring more butterflies, bees, or birds to your garden. Indeed, your garden needs these pollinators for optimal health. And your plants can provide food and shelter for wildlife and they’ll also provide your garden with plenty of different textures and colors.

4 – Create a Camping Feel

If you’re someone who loves camping, creating a campsite feeling in your garden can help it to feel like you’re out in the wilderness. Your garden doesn’t have to be completely wild, and you can make sure that you can use it as a living space too. So what might you add to create a camping feel? Some comfortable camping or lawn chairs, a fire pit, and some lighting could all help you set up a comfortable space.

Give your garden a wild look by forgoing the neatness and carefully cultivated plants for something a little rougher around the edges.

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