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5 Reasons to Add a Pond to Your Landscape

If you have the space in your garden or your yard to have a pond, then it is something you should definitely consider. 

You will need to maintain it, of course, but websites such as Aeration sell much of what you need. And we also have advice on our website on some aspects of pond maintenance, including how to keep it clean. The hard work you will occasionally have to put in is more than worth it.

5 Reasons to Add a Backyard Pond

Let’s look together at five excellent reasons why you should consider a water feature of this magnitude. 

1 – You will benefit from the aesthetic appeal

In terms of curb appeal, you can’t go wrong with a garden pond. When the sun shines on the rippling surface of the water, it can look absolutely stunning. Add in the flowering plants you might include on and around it, including reeds and water lilies, and any other decor, and you will have something that is a real treat to the eyes. 

2 – You can provide a home for local wildlife

You won’t be the only one enjoying your garden pond. It can attract your local wildlife too, who will be keen to use it as a bathing spot or watering hole. Newts, frogs, toads, and birds are just some of those creatures who will be glad of the oasis you have built, and you can feel rewarded that you have done something to help your local wildlife thrive.

3 – It can relieve you of your stresses

Feeling stressed? A garden pond can be a great stress-reliever. The beauty of it can calm your soul, and so too can the fragrances of the pond plants you have chosen. The sound of the rippling water will also do much to lull you into a sense of peace, so in theory, you should feel your stresses fade away as you relax by your pond. 

4 – It can be educational

For both yourself and your children, the garden pond can offer many learning opportunities. You can watch how the local wildlife interacts with one another, for example, and observe their daily rituals as they go about their business. The pond is also a great way to teach your children about respecting wildlife and caring for the environment. Of course, safety does need to come first if you have very young children, so be sure to fence off the area if appropriate. However, this can be another lesson to teach your children how to behave responsibly around water. 

5 – Keep koi for a hobby

If you’re looking for a new hobby, the garden pond can become your next home project. Keeping it well-maintained and tidy might be something you enjoy, and if you’re a keen gardener, you might enjoy cultivating the plants growing around it too. You could also stock the basin with goldfish and koi and spend time caring for their needs and even breeding them. These tasks will certainly keep you busy along with your wildlife watching, so boredom need never be an issue again!

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Short on Lawn Space? These Water Features Ideas Might Work for You!

With a tiny backyard, installing a pond might seem like an impossible task to partake in, but that isn’t really the case. Several smaller water feature ideas could help get you started. Additionally, websites such as Aquatic Ponds make it a lot easier for you to find and purchase any aquatic equipment you might need. 

A few of these ideas are ideal for rearing small fish, but some are wildlife installations that will attract lizards, birds, frogs, and other types of wildlife to your backyard. 

1 – Small Kidney Shaped Pond

Kidney-shaped basins are often made using an aquatic liner and rocks around the edge. The liner is usually partially visible from underneath the rocks, especially if you use tiny rocks. To hide the liner, you might want to consider using large flat rocks that slightly overhang the water’s edge when you are building a small kidney-shaped pond. 

2 – Above Ground Pond

This water feature is suitable for when you are really short on lawn space. An above-ground pond can be placed anywhere from the patio, deck, courtyard to a balcony. All you need for an above-ground installation is clay growing media, decorative gravel, LED waterfall light, and a pump.

3 – Natural Water Feature With Gravel

This is one of the simplest water features to build since all you need to get is the gravel it uses on the bottom. Natural ponds are not that complicated; they are surrounded by pavers and beautiful plants. Do you have a natural spring on your property? Your yard is ideal for implementing this suggestion.

4 – Small Pond With Stacked Rocks

For this tiny water feature, all you need to do is stack rocks around the edge and maybe even plant flowers like yellow irises in the middle.

5 – Hexagonal Pond

A hexagonal pond would be perfect if built between a beautifully manicured green lawn and a wooden deck. Most hexagonal ponds feature an abundance of marginal and floating pond plants to make them more vibrant. Planting a lush garden behind the basin would also help it blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape. 

6 – Small Gravel Lined Pond

Small gravel-lined ponds are mostly wildlife ponds; their sloping edges make it ideal for visiting wildlife such as birds, frogs, and lizards to enter and exit the water. A small gravel-lined pond could easily be constructed in a day or two.

7 – Small Backyard Pond With Bridge

Even for a small backyard, adding a beautiful ornate metal bridge to your tiny space can completely transform the area and make it more accessible. A bridge will provide an elevated platform of view, especially if you have fish in your pond that you’d like to watch from time to time.

8 – Pond With Rock Wall

This tiny pond features a wall on one side and stacked pebbles and rocks on the other side. To make it more aerated, you can add two waterfalls on either side of the basin, creating a beautiful flowing water sound.

9 – Small Rectangle Koi Pond

Having a tiny koi pond on your lawn would be nothing short of beautiful. Its shape ensures that it is spacious enough for a few fish and plants. Since they are often surrounded by pavers, you could set up an outdoor seating area where you can sit and watch the fish.

koi pondThe Bottom Line: It’s worth your time and investment to add a pond to  your landscape

These are just some of the reasons why you might consider a garden pond, but there are sure to be many more. Give it some thought, and consider all of the benefits that can be afforded you.  

Content last updated on 07.08.2021

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