Is 2019 the Year of Your Garden?

Here's the million dollar question. Is 2019 the year of your garden? Is this time that your garden will stand out among all the others in your neighborhood? It can be quite amazing to turn our attention to something new that we may have been neglecting in the past. You know those points in life … Continue reading Is 2019 the Year of Your Garden?

3 Ways to Be More Intentional with Your Gardening

Today we are sharing 3 ways to be more intentional with your gardening. This includes planning and cultivating towards reaching your ultimate goal of creating your perfect dream garden. Gardening with intent ensures that you don't put in all that hard work only to find your efforts are wasted in the long term. When it … Continue reading 3 Ways to Be More Intentional with Your Gardening

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

During the winter months, it can be easy to neglect your garden somewhat since you’re not going to be in it that much, so it really doesn’t take priority that often. Whether it’s fixing that rain gutter or mowing the lawn, f you’re thinking of how to get your garden ready for spring, then now … Continue reading How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Garden Hacks You Need to Know

If you want your garden to look good without having to use chemical fertilizers, how can you make sure your plants get enough nutrients and what will help them to grow? But there is more to a garden than just plants, so included in these garden hacks are some ways to make sure the pergola, decking and anything else you have in your outside area stay in good condition.

How to Create a Fairy Garden: Make it magical!

Probably, you of all people had the dream of visiting a fairyland once in your life when you were a kid. Today, I say it is no longer a dream because of the invention of the fairy garden that happened in the United States. Later, the trend grew so big that it splurged over the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and countries around them.

7 Smart Tips to Take the Work Out of Gardening

Not everyone is blessed with green thumbs. You may not have the time or inclination to spend out in the garden all day, and that’s okay. You still deserve to have a garden that complements the home rather than providing a sharp contrast to all the care you put into the interior. Here, we’re going to look at the options for the lazy gardeners.