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Make Your Chores Easier With These 11 Spring Cleaning Hacks

The days are turning warmer, and the birds are nesting and happily chirping. Of course, that can mean only one thing. It is time to don your marigold gloves and get your spring cleaning on! But don’t worry. We have you covered with the top spring cleaning hacks to make not only the cleaning but the rest of your life so much easier!

11 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Will Want to Try

These tips will make the big job ahead of you a little bit easiers.

1 – Create a schedule

Yes, really. Creating a schedule for your tasks, and noting the spring cleaning hacks to accomplish them may seem a little excessive. But it will save you so much time and so many headaches that it really is worth doing. 

Sit down and make a list of all the chores you need to do to get your home perfect for the season. Then, group them into similar tasks, or if you prefer, group them by room so that you can clear one space quickly by moving on. If you’re getting help with the cleaning, you can make a list for each person to complete. It seems like a lot of effort, but it really will transform your spring cleaning.

2 – Wave goodbye to clutter

Before you start dusting., cleaning and polishing, you’re going to want to get rid of any excess clutter that is needlessly taking up space in your home. Why? Because it will save you so much time that you really just indeed to do it. Think about it, how much time do you spend dusting knick-knacks, putting away old toys, dealing with an overspilling closet full of clothing that you never wear? It’s madness, and by removing anything you don’t need or love, you can cut your workload by at least 30 percent right off the bat. If you donate your clutter, you’ll be doing a good thing for a good cause too.

3 – Disinfect sponges in the microwave

There’s little point in spring cleaning your home with a dirty sponge, so if your cleaning cloths have seen better days, what you’re going to want to do is squirt a little lemon juice on them and place them in the microwave. Ping for around two minutes and your sponges should be as good as new and ready to use without the risk of spreading bacteria.

If you do not own a microwave, lay sponges or cleaning cloths flat in the sink and pour a cup of boiling water over them.


4 – Put organizing bins in your fridge

If you’re cleaning out your fridge this spring – lemon juice and baking soda are perfect for that particular job – before you put anything back into the refrigerator, add an organizing bin to every shelf. That way, you will be able to put lots of produce and cold foods in there. And when you want to find it again, you can simply pull out the basket for easy access.

An added bonus of this particular hack is that you and your family are fr less likely to cause spillages in the fridge, which means less cleaning for you next time you attempt it.

5 – Lemon is a great steel cleaner

For things like stainless steel faucets and pans, the best way to remove stains and create a sparkling finish is to use half a lemon.

Simply rub the lemon on the steel, and it will begin to remove rust, watermarks, and stains with ease. Additionally, it will make your whole kitchen or bathroom lemony fresh smelling without a chemical in sight.

6 – Steam is a timesaver

Natural steam might be one of the most overlooked spring cleaning hacks. But it shouldn’t be!

When it comes to cleaning everything from carpets and wooden floors to microwaves and drapes, steam is your best friend. Lots of places allow you to hire steam cleaners for the day. Plus, doing so will help you shift dirt and kill bacteria faster than almost anything else. If you happen to have a handheld steam cleaner, it’s perfect for refreshing fabric furniture such as couches, as well as rugs, curtains, and even clothing if your closet is starting to smell a little funky.

7 – Wash your windows on a gray day

If you plan to wash your windows as part of your spring cleaning efforts, don’t do it on a day when the sun is beating down on you – wait until it’s cloudy, and it’ll be so much easier. Why? Because the sun will dry out your windows so fast that they are likely to streak, which is precisely what you don’t want. What should you clean your windows with? 1 part white vinegar and 1 part warm water with a dash of dishwashing liquid is the ideal solution.

8 – Microfiber cloths make great dusters

Paper towels do nothing but push dust around from one pile to another.

If you’re frequently disgruntled with your dusting efforts because all you ever seem to do is move the dust around from one place to another, you should try microfiber cloths in your spring cleaning life. Why? Because as well as being cheap, they have just the right kind of electrostatic reaction to dust that you need for the dust to cling to them and actually be removed from your home.

When you are done using them, pop them into the washer, and you’ll refresh them for the next use. 

9 – The dishwasher isn’t just for dishes

Did you know that you can clean a wide range of things from your hair and makeup brushes to children’s plastic toys in the dishwasher? You didn’t? You can thank me for this time-saving tip after the spring cleaning is done.

10 – Cinnamon makes a great rug refresher

If you have rugs and carpets that don’t smell as fresh as possible, you need this spicy house cleaning tip. Sprinkle a little cinnamon over them and leave for as long as you can manage. Then, when you vacuum the spice up, the scent will be left on the carpet and in your home.

If you prefer, you could also mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with a small amount of baking soda for the same effect. As an added bonus the baking soda is absorbs unpleasant odors and freshens your home.

11 – Invest in vacuum storage bags

Vacuum sealed storage bags are the ideal solution for those who want to put their winter clothes away in storage during the spring and summer seasons. Simply place your clothing in the bags and suck out all of the air with your vacuum cleaner. This will vastly reduce the volume your clothing takes up and protect it from dust, mites, and other environmental factors while it’s in storage.

The Takeaway: Try These 11 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Don’t be afraid to give these spring cleaning hacks a try.  You will save time and make your house cleaner and healthier, with less elbow grease. Have a happy DIY day.

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