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3 Basic Ways to Secure Your Home Against Intruders

No one wants to think about their home being broken into or invaded in any way. Unfortunately, it does happen. In the U.S. alone, 66% of burglaries each year are home break-ins. It is up to you to secure your home against intrusions, starting right now.

While things like security systems and alarms are great ways to keep your home protected, there are a few extra precautions you can take that will help to ensure your safety even more. Thankfully, these extra precautions are simple, take almost no time to put in place, and will make a big difference. 

Three Sometimes Overlooked Ways to Secure Your Home

Whether you have bought a new house in a less-than-ideal area, or you’re just trying to be extra cautious, let’s look at a few small ways to secure your home. Make safety your utmost priority. These measures are back-to-basic common sense means of security.

1 – Light Up Your Landscape

One of the easiest and most effective ways to deter would-be predators from your home is to keep your yard as well-lit as possible. Having security cameras can be great. But, it’s not exactly easy to see someone walking through your property at night. 

Additionally, burglars are less likely to prey on homes that are well-lit, because they don’t want to get caught. So, install a few floodlights or ground lights in your yard, and you’ll automatically keep your home safer. Even if something does happen, it will be much easier to catch someone and identify them in the light. 

2 – Keep the Garage Locked

Most people know to keep their windows and doors locked, but they forget about the garage door. It’s not difficult for a thief to open most garage doors, especially in older homes. If your garage connects to your house, this provides easy access for them. 

It’s also convenient to leave the door raised so the kids and pets can enter and exit at will. 

But, even if the garage is separate, chances are you have some valuable things in there, too. You might have a vehicle or some “toys” like a motorcycle or ATV. You may have tools, machinery, equipment, etc. All of that is expensive and can be sold, so it’s an easy way for a burglar to get a lot from you without having to set foot in your house. 

Always make sure your garage door is closed and locked to keep your home secure for all.

3 – Ditch the Spare Key

Is it important to have a spare key to your house? Yes. 

But, if you think sliding it under a rock or a garden decoration is hiding it, you’re wrong. That is one of the first places a burglar will look. If you ever accidentally lock yourself out of the house, you might have to call a 24 hour locksmith. If that’s the worst-case scenario, it’s a small price to pay to avoid a break-in. 

Don’t leave spare keys “hidden” in plain sight. Most burglars are smart and quite good at what they do. Keep your spare key somewhere secure, in a spot only you’re aware of. Or, have a trusted friend or family member hold onto it.

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You must make it a top priority to secure your home for your family.

The Bottom Line: It’s Up to You to Secure Your Home

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to keep your home extra safe. Keep these ideas in mind to amp up your home security, and protect yourself and your family with confidence. 

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