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5 Ways to Make Your Home Safe

Is your home safe? Do you see your home as a castle or a fortress?

Many of us do, and many more regard our house or apartment as our own personal safe place. Sadly, though, often times our houses aren’t as safe and secure as we believe them to be. Happily, there are some relatively simple ways that you can make your home a safer place. Both for you and your entire family. Just keep reading to find out what they are.

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Window locks

Firstly, pay attention to your windows. This is crucial to make your home as safe as possible. One area that needs consideration is the installation locks on the inside. This being something that means that it is all but impossible to break in from the outside, and so can prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to your home without your permission.

You will also need to balance the security of your windows against outside threats with the safety of those that live in the home as well. What this means is that it is wise to pick windows and frames that only open so far as not to be a falling hazard for young children or those that aren’t always steady on their feet.

Although, as some windows will also need to be used as a possible emergency exit, so it is also essential that they have this function as well. Something that is usually accessible by unlocking the window and turning in a specific way.

Smoke and Fire Alarms

Alarms in the home can be used to signal when something is wrong, and there are four main types of alarms that you can use to make your home a safer place.

The first two types are smoke detectors and fires alarms which will alert your family if a fire breaks out, and will increase their chances of exiting the building safely.

Do remember to install both of these kinds of alarms too, as the former works by detecting noxious smoke, and the latter works by measuring heat in the home. Therefore having both can help you receive an early warning no matter how a fire starts. Something that will vastly improve your chances of getting safely out of the building.

The next alarm that you need to install in your home is the carbon monoxide detector. The idea is that if the amount of this deadly gas rises above the safe level, it will warn you. In fact, it is crucial that all homes install a carbon monoxide alarm as level can increase quickly without detection in any home that uses gas, wood, or coal as a source of energy or heat.

Also, carbon monoxide poisoning looks so similar to many other non-life-threatening conditions. It can overtake a person incredibly fast. So the best way is to install an alarm. Doing so gives peace of mind and ensures that you and your family are safe.

Burglar Alarm

Finally, the last alarm that you need to ensure your home safe is a burglar alarm. The idea of this is that if anyone breaks in, or if any movement is detected when there shouldn’t be, you will be alerted.

Of course, you can also have your alarm system linked up to a private security company as well, who will send out someone to check your property if you aren’t able to be there. This being something that can not only help you to feel your home is safe but also act as a major deterrent for those that are considering breaking in as well.

Video doorbells

Next, one of the newer items on the market that can make a massive difference to your home security is a video doorbell. These are small devices that contain a camera that monitors those that come to your door. It allows you to talk to them through a microphone as well. What this means is that you can easily give the impression that you are home even when you aren’t. It’s something that can boost your security no end.

These video doorbells are also great for convenience as well because you can easily ask delivery driver to leave your package on the doorstep if you can’t get the door right away. Something that means you won’t miss important deliveries anymore either.

Of course, for such a system to work, you will need a reliable home internet connection. Luckily, there is a range of providers offering excellent speeds and prices to choose from that are suitable for running run security devices such as this.


Back in the old days, CCTV used to mean installing a bulky camera. Then, we had to connect it up to a screen. Only then could we monitor and record the goings on outside our homes. However, it is now possible to get some basic indoor and outdoor CCTV models for a low price, that transmit straight to your phone.

This means is that you can monitor the safety of your home from wherever you are in the world. What’s more, you have the added benefit of making a recording of your property. Something that means if you do suffer a break-in you will have a clear image of the people responsible. You can then hand it over to police, and that can be used in court once they have been found.

Automated lights

Finally, to make your home a safe, it’s recommended that you install lights on the outside perimeter. Use motion sensitive ones if possible. These will come on and light up the areas they cover when they sense any movement. Something that is known to deter any criminal activity.

It’s also worth installing smart lights within the home as well. This is because these can be controlled from wherever you are via your home internet connection. You can easily turn lights on and off. This makes it seem as if your home is occupied even when you are away on vacation. Something that can help to keep your home safe and protect it from unscrupulous and unwelcome visitors no matter where you are in the world.  

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