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Life Hack Puts an END to Stinky Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are super popular and easy to put on, but they become embarrassingly stinky, very fast. Below is the transcript of a life hack video that we created to address this topic and eliminate embarrassing foot odor resulting from your favorite canvas kicks.

How to END Stinky Canvas Shoes (Video Transcript)

Hi everybody, and welcome to DIY Home & Garden. Today, I want to share with you a life hack that will change your life this summer and make you just so much more comfortable, and keep your feet very cool, and comfy, and not keep you held back from enjoying your days by sore feet.

I have here a pair of–these are Toms–but you know, super popular. Toms, Bobs, Hey Dudes, Keds, whatever canvas footwear you like. It’s really easy in the summer, you just pull them on and they look super cute with any outfit.

But one thing nobody wants to talk about is the embarrassing, disgusting odor that they keep. Which makes sense, because you’re wearing them without socks and you’re collecting dead skin cells that slough off throughout the day. And over time, they start to trap bacteria and give off a really foul, sour smell.

Let’s just be real. Nobody wants to talk about it, but you know it’s true.

I have learned a way to help eliminate that foot odor and keep your feet comfortable as though you’re wearing socks, although you’re not wearing socks.

So let me show you…

One thing that all of these shoes have in common is, for the most part, is that the insoles remove from the footbed. So you can see here, I wore these a few times before I learned this hack. I’m just excited to share it with you.


First thing you do is pull that out (the insole). Next thing you do is grab just some spray deodorant and give it a quick little mist (sprays deodorant on insole and inside footbed of shoe).

Okay. So we’re back to the insole.

This is just a low-cut cotton sock (holds up white sock). I buy them in bulk off of Amazon for the summer. What you’re gonna do is…you want the sock to end up over the shoe (shows the insole) with the opening of the sock to end up at the bottom of the back (of the insole).

I’m going to go ahead and ball the sock up like this to make it easy to pull onto the top of the insole. So just like that, I pulled it over. Now, I have some excess because I have a small shoe size, I’m a size six shoe. So I just make sure I take that and tuck like that (shows sock tucked underneath the insole) and reinsert it right back into my shoe.

I’ve already done the other one before I got on camera (holds up both shoes to show them with the sock inside). So now I have a nice pair of Toms that are gonna be cooler, because they are lined as though I’m wearing a sock. But, you know, I won’t be wearing socks because that would just be crazy looking.

In the future, I’ll be able to wear these a few times as I notice they need it, I’ll be able to pull the socks off, wash them, respray (holds up the deodorant), and reapply (shows the socks).

And that will keep the odor down, it keeps my feet cooler and it just makes it way more comfortable.

I hope that you try this and it works for you. Please do follow me on YouTube at diyhomegarden and online at And I will be sharing more summertime hacks very soon. Until the next time, have a happy DIY day.

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The Takeaway: Canvas Shoes Don’t Need to Stink

As you can see from this video, you can eliminate the embarrassing odors trapped by your favorite canvas shoes with this easy life hack. No more foot funk!

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