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Moving Day Advice (4 essential tips)

Searching for moving day advice to make your move less stressful?

Moving house is exciting- a chance to start fresh in a better property that suits you and your family better. But the process of actually moving is incredibly stressful. Plus, having all of your life in boxes with the risk of things getting lost or broken can send your stress levels soaring. You have so much to do. The mere thought of how to get sorted out can send you into panic mode.

However,  there are ways to reduce the chaos. We share our moving day advice with you as you move to your next dream home. 


1 – Start early

The most important moving day advice is to start earlier than you think.

It makes sense that if you’re still running around trying to put things in boxes while also loading them onto the van that you’re going to quickly get overwhelmed.

As soon as you have your firm moving date start packing. If your home starts getting filled with boxes you could utilize storage facilities and keep them there until they’re ready to be moved.

Starting early allows you to be organized, you can declutter as you go and carefully go through every area of your home boxing things up neatly. When the moving van arrives you can put things on in the right order and unboxing at the other end is just as easy.

Ideally, moving day should be just about moving boxes, not trying to pack, decorate, clean or anything else at the same time. If you get the keys to your new property before moving day, you could go over and clean, decorate, or generally prep everything ahead of time making it simpler on the day itself. 

2 – Rope in some help

Whether you hire a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting or just get friends and family around to help. Indeed, the more hands you have on deck you can get the better. The job will be done much more quickly and will be less stressful for you.

You could have some people loading the van at one end, and others unloading at the other end and helping you to unpack the essentials. 

3 – Have kids and pets looked after

Moving house is stressful enough as an adult. However, kids and pets who don’t fully understand what’s going on, find it extremely difficult. To avoid stress (and potentially dangerous situations) it’s best to have children and pets taken care of while you move.

When you unpack and things are set up and ready. Introduce their new surroundings slowly. Let them explore their new digs.

Children of a certain age group can get particularly stressed by the idea of leaving their old familiar home, they tend to be old enough to recognize what’s happening but too young to fully understand it.

Spend time setting up their new bedroom. Even better, ask them to help you. You’ll create a relaxed environment that aids them in adjusting to the new place. 

4 – Put together an essentials box

A bag of essentials on moving day can help everything run much more smoothly. This would be things like phone chargers, the coffee-making things for when you first get to the new place. Place some trash bags, kitchen towels, toilet paper and any paperwork you might need into this essential box. 

Final Moving Day Advice

Moving day is extremely challenging. Things can–and will–go wrong. Your best-laid plans will go “kaput” at some point in the day. The final (and most important bit) of moving day advice is this:

Keep your sense of humor!


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