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6 DIY Home Updates on a Budget

Every so often, your home needs a little lift and love put into it. After a while of living in your home, things tend not to be as brand new and in perfect working order. However, it might not be something that you can really afford to do at the moment, so here are some tips when updating your home on a budget. These rooms can include your kitchen, your living room, and even your bedroom!


1 – Refresh Rooms With Paint

A bit of paint doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it can certainly make a difference to the room. Depending on the current color, you may wish to go with something completely different or even daring. When you want to dress the room, try to keep the walls neutral and keep the color in the furnishings that you choose. Painting can be done by yourself, too, and it doesn’t require the likes of a handyman or painter.

If you’re touching up marks, check first they don’t wash off with a bit of water and soap. Otherwise, go very lightly and with a small brush or the type of brush or roller that would have been used originally. This will help prevent it from looking too dissimilar to the paint on the wall currently.

And while you are freshening up paint, giv the ceiling a fresh new look, too? Still have popcorn ceilings? They are easier to rid your home of than you think–here is how.

2 – Replace Windows And Doors When Needed

Doors and windows will be expensive, but when it’s needed, it’s definitely worth doing. The reason for this is that it can affect the rest of your home. These features of your home keep it warm and safe from the outside elements. When replacing your windows, buy good quality ones so that they last a lifetime. A window replacement will cost you a considerable amount, particularly if you end up going with triple-glazing. However, it’s an investment that will end up paying you back in the future. 

3 – Upcycle Old Furniture

Buying furniture that’s brand new is expensive, and when you’re updating your home, you don’t want to be doing that for every room because it will end up costing you a small fortune. Instead, look at what’s been left behind by others. Lots of thrift stores and the local online group will likely have plenty of furniture and soft furnishings that are in perfectly good condition and can help decorate a room.

You’re helping the environment by cutting down on what you buy, and instead of having something that’s mass-produced and cutting down the world’s resources, it’s good to recycle the furniture that’s given away from other people. When it comes to upcycling old furniture, this is something that you can do yourself with a little bit of research. Whether that’s replacing the fabric on a chair or giving a side table a sanding down and a new lick of paint.

4 – Rearrange The Furniture In The Room

The furniture in a room can start to feel the same because you see it every day. Instead of replacing anything that’s still perfectly fine, why not rearrange the furniture? Rearranging furniture can be lots of fun because you can play around with the layout of the room and potentially create a new one with what you already own. Start by moving the bigger items first, and if they aren’t moveable, then move on to the smaller items. Just moving around some plant pots or a side table can transform the room.

5 – Frame Your Photos

Photographs are personal moments that not many people will get to see unless you show them. Framing your photos is a lovely touch that can add a bit of personality to your home, and so if you’re looking to give your walls a bit of life, frame the photos and get them on the wall. When you have neutral walls, you can get creative with the colors you use for the frames in order to make them stand out and be eye-catching to anyone who gets to see them.

6 – Add Some Plants 

Indoor plants have become increasingly popular due to the way they change the atmosphere of the room and help make you feel happier in the space. These indoor plants are fairly cheap to buy, and if you don’t want real ones, you can always get some fake options. Do your research and see which ones are going to go well in which room. Focus on bringing in ones that you are happy to water when needed, and if you don’t have a lot of time, there’s plenty that needs hardly any water at all.

Before you hand over your hard-earned cash, try some easy DIY upgrades, first!


With these tips, you can give your home a refresh without blowing your budget out of the water.

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