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Kitchen Upgrades: DIY Projects for Your Kitchen!

A couple of days ago, we treated ourselves to cool DIY projects for our backyards. But today, we will focus on the kitchen. When we say ‘kitchen upgrades’, we don’t necessarily mean a serious overhaul of the current design.

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Of course, it could be something very obvious that gives your kitchen a whole new look. But most times, it’s just that personal touch made into your crockery. Or perhaps even the unique placement and of cooking utensils.

Whichever of these ideas you decide on, just remember that kitchen upgrades can be fun. Moreover, the end result is a DIY-customized kitchen you’d be proud to show off to your friends and visitors anytime, any day.

To get the ball rolling, check out these unique DIY projects you can implement in your kitchen for some serious upgrades this weekend.


  • Backsplash redesign 

This weekend, you can add a whole new backsplash design for the walls behind your sink, stove or countertop. In fact, there are several beautiful options to choose from.

You can go with this unique tin-tile backsplash design that is easy and relatively cheap to implement. This design style adds a bit of reflectivity into the room, making it seem brighter even on the most dreary of days. The tiles are also easy to clean and can be gotten in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen’s hardware and fixtures.

kitchen backsplash 2
Tin-tile kitchen backsplash | Credit: DIY Network

The simple peel-and-stick tile option is an amazing alternative. It’s easy to install, as the backsplash kit comes with a pre-mixed grout and every tool you’d need to achieve this classic look.

kitchen backsplash
A kitchen backsplash kit peel-and stick tiles. | Credit: DIY Network


If you’d prefer something bold and dazzling, then this mixed mosaic tile wall may be more to your liking:

mosaic tile wall
Mixed mosaic tile wall for bold and dazzling designs | Credit:
  • Enhance the lighting

After installing a new backsplash or any other kitchen fixture or fitting, adding new light sources can help to emphasize these cool DIY projects and also increase their overall aesthetic appeal. If you’re not so good with electrical stuff and can’t afford to hire an electrician to help you in installing the new lighting points, then it is highly recommended that you add light sources that do not require electrical work. Never add more fixtures to the same source if it can’t carry that extra load. Failure to do so results in an overloading of electrical components which in turn leads to the very high possibility of an electrical fire.  

kitchen lighting
The right amount of lighting can work wonders for your kitchen. | Credit: DIY Network


  • Hang, hang, hang

One of the recurring complaints with kitchens is the not-enough-storage-space theme. That is why in all our kitchen-storage related articles, we always advocate that kitchen utensils be hanged rather than stored in containers or cabinets. We can use bare walls by installing open shelves for storing a variety of gadgets. Also, there are several hooks or rails flooding the market capable of holding your cooking equipment successfully while still enhancing the kitchen decor.

kitchen hanging
More often than not, hanging your kitchen utensils saves more space than in cabinets or containers. | Credit: DIY Network

Pegboard racks can also be mounted on the wall for hanging bulky items like pots and pans. Can’t get a pegboard rack? or even worse, your landlord is not a huge fan of nails on his wall? Get an old closet door, clean it up, paint it, and then add hooks. This way, you can still make use of your walls without getting on your landlord’s bad side.

kitchen hanging 3
Here’s an inventive way to hang your utensils: using an old door! | Credit: C.R.A.F.T.

Another awesome alternative to the closet rack idea is the use of a pallet. Just sand, paint, add a few hooks, and if you like, a magnetic knife holder.

kitchen hanging 2
How about pallets, hooks, and a magnetic knife holder? | Credit:
You can customize those pallets to fit your kitchen’s overall theme. | Credit: DigsDigs
  • Still more hanging….

A cutting board can be transformed into a hanging rack for your spices. Wooden cheese boxes serve as the shelves or spice holders.

kitchen hanging 4
An old cutting board transformed into a hanging spice rack. | Credit: CountryLiving

Usually, we make use of the walls for hanging. But, this weekend, how about you construct a rack suspended from the ceiling? It adds a unique style to your kitchen decor and also maximizes the available space.

kitchen rack
A ceiling rack to hang your pots and pans on? Sign me in! | Credit: DIY Network
  • Furniture-island

Instead of the usual design, add an old dresser or an oak side table as your kitchen island. This DIY project is not as hard as it looks. Firstly, paint the body of the dresser or table. Then sand and prime the top for a better look, or cover it with a more suitable material. Add wheel casters for mobility.

kitchen furniture island
An old dresser or oak side table can be turned into a kitchen island | Credit: DIY Network




kitchen dresser
Another old dresser transformed to fit this kitchen’s pastel theme. | Credit: Better Homes & Gardens
dresser on wheels
If you have a dresser on wheels, even better! | Credit: Emily Henderson
  • Upgrade your refrigerator

The fridge is a key component in every kitchen. So really, a kitchen upgrade without a corresponding upgrade to the fridge is sadly not a true upgrade.

For instance, you can polka-dot your fridge. No fear, this is totally reversible.

polka dot fridge
Add a totally reversible upgrade to your fridge using polka dots. | Credit: At Home In Love

For irreversible upgrades, you can either paint the fridge:

fridge painting
A fridge painted in turquoise. | Credit: Crazy Crooked Cottage

Chalkboard-paint it:

Chalkboard-painted fridge, anyone? | Credit: The Handmade Home

Or wallpaper it:

You can even wallpaper the fridge for added convenience. | Credit: aunt peaches
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