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5 Common Garden Plants That Are Poison to Your Pets

Do you love gardening? Do you have a fuzzy canine friend or a proud feline buddy? If both answers are yes, then this article is for you. Some pretty-looking flowers and plants in your garden can prove to be straight-up poison to your pets when ingested.

Here are 5 common garden plants that are dangerous (or deadly) to your pet’s health.

5 Dangerous Plants for Pets

  • Aloe vera

“Do you mean that plant known for its traditional healing properties and its frequent inclusion in skin products?” Yup, that’s the plant I’m talking about. Like everything else in this world, it does have its disadvantages and a major one is the toxicity of the latex found in its leaves. This latex can lead to severe diarrhea problems for your pet. So don’t let Scruffy get too close to your potted aloe plant.

  • Lily of the valley

This flower is known for its fragrance. It has a great scent, looks quite pretty, and it can be used for medicinal purposes. However, it is a huge no-no for Mr. Fluffy. Everything about this flower, from the leaves to the roots to even its ‘sumptuous-looking’ red berries, is deadly. Once ingested by your cat or dog, vomiting, diarrhea, reduced heart rate, and even seizures could occur.

  • Lantana

The lantana is a flowering shrub having a wide range of beautiful colors. No wonder it is used as a butterfly-attracting plant. Its beauty could also attract the wandering eyes of your adventurous pets. Just like the aloe vera plant and lily of the valley, symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. Additional symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and weakness may also occur.

Trumpets get your attention and these trumpet-shaped flowers are no exception. Their varying colors, as well as their dramatic appearance, making them a prime centerpiece in gardens. They also serve as great gift choices to flower-loving friends and relatives. But these are no angels. Yeah, their effects on pets are far from angelic as they lead to constipation, seizures, and tremors when eaten.

  • Azalea


The azalea is a flower of beauty, a cultural symbol, and a must-have garden plant. This iconic flower even has its own festival held in several countries. It, however, has toxic leaves and nectar, making its ingestion fatal to your beloved pets. It can cause abdominal pain, and convulsions, and even lead to coma.

“Hmm….but I know of other garden plants that are pure poison to pets, and they are not listed here!’ I bet you do. This is not a comprehensive list, just a selected compilation. There are several deadly plants out there, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) gives you an exhaustive list of every known poisonous plant to pets. So, do check it out.

“So…I have some, if not all of these plants in my garden and a very active Russell Terrier, what should I do?” Well, the best thing would be to properly fence your garden to prevent curious pets from venturing in and tasting of the forbidden fruit, err…plant. In addition, always monitor your garden and its environs as some of these plants can grow as weeds. Once you notice them, you can either remove them or transplant them to a safer area.

Lastly, don’t forget to closely monitor your dog. Once you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms of poison, please visit the vet immediately.

5 common garden plants that are poison to your pets.
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