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The Top Backyard Tips for New Dog Owners

Getting a dog can be an exciting experience, particularly for first-time owners. However, whether you’re adopting an older canine or purchasing a young puppy, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Your yard can be dangerous to a curious pup. So here are the top tips you can use to help make sure your backyard is functional and safe for your new pet.

new dog
Outdoor playtime gives your new dog the chance to have fun just being a pooch!

Pick A Bathroom Area

One of the most helpful things you can do right off the bat is to choose an area in your yard that will serve as a bathroom space. And then, of course, you’ll want to train your dog to use it. This will help to keep the rest of your yard free of waste and prevent your property from quickly becoming a stinky mess.

If you can, you’ll want to choose a spot that is convenient to clean up but at the same time that’s not located near spaces which are frequently used for other activities such as playing with the kids. Having a bathroom space can also help to protect against “lawn burn,” which is the unsightly damage caused to grass by canine urine.

To help cut down on the damage caused by male pooches specifically, many owners will use a pee post for their pet to urinate and mark its territory on. Posts are often designed in the form of hydrants to add a bit of character to outdoor spaces and play on the classic dog and fire hydrant connection.

Because they are vertical, canines will often pee on a dog fire hydrant naturally without needing any training, although some are scented to encourage pets to use them. A fire hydrant for dogs will generally be made from plastic, resin, or metal and come in quite a few other colors.

The Yard Isn’t Just For Play

Your yard is definitely an ideal place to play with your pooch and you should, of course, use it to do so. However many owners overlook using it as an area to train. While it may be more convenient to teach your pooch indoors you’ll want to be sure to do get outside and do some training in your yard as well.

Outdoor training will give you a chance to work on commands such as “come,” and “stay,” in a much larger area. More importantly, it will help to reinforce basic commands in a situation where there is a range of different distractions and stimuli.

Check Your Plants

Are those flowers safe? Learn more about plants that are poison to your dog.

There is a wide array of plants that can be dangerous for your canine. Many toxic plants are actually often overlooked as being harmless. For instance, most dog owners have no idea that both aloe vera plants and daisies are toxic to canines. Take an inventory of the plants you have in your yard and then remove any possible threats. This can go a long way towards keeping your pet safe and give you some peace of mind.

Security Is Key–and the Dog Owners Responsibility

new dog
Keep your new dog protected and secure while he/she is at play in your back yard.

There are many temptations for dogs when they’re outdoors. Therefore regardless of whether your pet is fully-trained or is just starting to learn the basics, you’ll want to make sure your yard is secure. Installing a fence that your pet cannot squeeze through or under will help to keep him safe.

You’ll also want to make sure that it’s tall enough that it can’t be jumped over. And don’t forget to move any items adjacent to the fence that pooch can climb on to scramble over the fence.
By following these tips you’re sure to make your yard a more canine-friendly space. So don’t forget to keep them in mind once you finally commit to adding a new pet to your family. Your pooch will be happier and safer for it.

Author Bio: Mike H is a professional writer and dog owner. When he’s not spending time outdoors with his two canines he’s writing about everything from how to choose smart dog names to the best diets and toys for pets.

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