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Garden Hacks to Help Eliminate Chemicals

If you want your garden to look good without having to use chemical fertilizers, ask yourself these questions. How can you make sure your plants get enough nutrients? And what will help them to grow? But there is more to a garden than just plants, so included in these garden hacks are some ways to make sure the pergola, decking, and anything else you have in your outside area stays in good condition.

Household Items That Can Help

There are several items that you possibly already have in your larder that can help to keep your plants safe and thriving – this is something most gardeners do. Eggshells, coffee, grapefruit, beer, and tea around the bases will all deter slugs and snails. These creatures do not like rough terrain, so by using broken eggshells or pieces of grapefruit skin, they will not attempt to climb your plants, as they will not walk over them. Coffee and tea they dislike so will keep well away from that as well. Beer, on the other hand, they cannot resist. Fill a margarine tub with some and place it at the base of the plant. They will climb up the tub and fall in. This may seem cruel, but it is an effective way of keeping slugs and snails off your plants.

garden hacks
Beer…irresistible to slugs.

Ground eggshells can give your soil a calcium boost, which is good for your plants. Baking soda can make your homegrown tomatoes less tart, and rotten cider will boost the growth of wisteria.

If you cut some flowers for a vase in your home, add some vodka to the water, It helps to keep the flowers fresher for longer.

Caring For Outside Buildings

You might have decking, a pergola, or a garden shed in your outside space and they all need caring for, especially in preparation for the winter. It is crucial that you waterproof your deck and any other wooden structures. You will never be able to totally protect them from the elements, but sealing the wood with a sealant designed for the job will at least stop any water damage, which can be significant.

Before you apply the sealant to your patio or deck, for example, check it first to see if there are any repairs needed. Saving it from the water problems will keep it looking good and fresh year after year.

garden hacks
Keep wood and concrete patios sealed to extend their useful life.

Spring Is Here

As soon as spring arrives people start to think about planting seeds and any other new plants they have. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours before you plant them as this will help to promote their growth.

Take care where you plant different varieties, as there are some plants that are known to protect others.

  • Nasturtium will help to keep whitefly at bay
  • Horseradish gives protection from Colorado beetle
  • In potatoes, alliums will reduce the risk of red spider
  • Chives might deter aphids and Japanese beetles.

Planting some of these things near to each other can mean you will have fewer problems as they start to grow.

garden hacks
Learn the garden hacks to keep destructive bugs away.

Unless gardening is your hobby and you love to spend hours tending it, you will want it to be as simple as possible to look after so you have more time to sit back and enjoy it. These garden hacks will help you to achieve that.

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