7 Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse In Winter | Guest Post

If you’re a green-fingered garden lover, winter can be a hard time for you. But you don’t just have to gaze longingly at your seeds and pictures of blooming plants online. There are a few hardy fruits and vegetables that can be sown in greenhouses throughout the colder months. Growth can be slow for some, and others may be ready to harvest in spring, but these seven plants will keep you busy when there’s frost on the ground.

DIY Raised Beds For An Organic Garden |Guest Post: Arold Augustin

DIY raised beds can give you instant gratification. Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying things a gardener can do. If you would like to transform your garden into a productive and beautiful place that can provide for you and your household, one of the things you will have to do is think about creating the growing spaces required.

Need Advice On Plants That Attract Hummingbirds To The Garden

Today's post, I will admit, is wishful thinking on my part. I am researching plants that attract hummingbirds to the garden. So far, my efforts in attracting these flighty little birds have been epic failuries. I need advice from you expert gardeners on this topic. 

5 Perennial Plants Perfect for That Shady Spot in Your Garden

Trying your hand at vegetable gardening these past few months? I bet you are enjoying yourself, nurturing your plants and watching those pretty flowers bloom. I hope our gardening posts have been of immense help to you in one way or the other. If they have, trust me when I say we feel extremely rewarded. If this is your first time, no worries, you can check out our super-helpful posts here.

How To Garden: 10 Things You Can Learn From Your Seed Packet

If you want to learn how to garden, you must first learn how to read a seed packet. Your seed packet contains 10 vital bits of valuable info which will provide you with guidance. This information will be a key to successful gardening! About two weeks ago, I wrote a post called Vegetable Gardening for … Continue reading How To Garden: 10 Things You Can Learn From Your Seed Packet

How to Successfully Entertain in Small Outdoor Spaces

Hosting little parties and gatherings is so much fun. You’re having a little get-together with family and friends in a couple of days, and you’re quite excited. As the D-day approaches, you mentally tick off a list: Invite everyone….check. Make sure the food preparation is on track….check. Outdoor space arranged and well decorated….Sighs. That worrying … Continue reading How to Successfully Entertain in Small Outdoor Spaces

5 Plants That Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

In the world of gardening, butterflies are a revered lot. They are great pollinators and are quite beneficial to the ecosystem. However, I’m pretty confident I’m echoing the thoughts of a lot of people when I say the biggest benefit of the butterfly is its sheer visual beauty. So, if you want to be eco-friendly … Continue reading 5 Plants That Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

The Cutest Container Gardens Are Easy To Create!

The cutest of container gardens are easy to create with just a little time and imagination. In fact, any vessel or bucket can be turned into a container garden. In my opinion, unexpected containers add charm and a rustic folk-art appeal to your outdoor living space. Whether the container is large or small makes no … Continue reading The Cutest Container Gardens Are Easy To Create!