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How to Spend More Time Outside This Summer

Spending time outside this summer would be so good for you. You might already know about the benefits of getting more vitamin D, and how being outside in the fresh air could help you to sleep better. But, did you know that more time outside can help you to relax and unwind, that it’s great for your skin and that it can help you to feel more creative? Just being outdoors means that you’ll burn more calories and increase your muscle tone, even if you aren’t exercising, and most of us feel happier when we are out in the sun. 

But, when you are busy, how do you get outside more? When there’s always something that needs doing inside, how do you make yourself get outdoors?

Work on Your Garden

outside this summer


If you enjoy gardening, getting stuck in with some work in your garden is a great way to spend more time outdoors. Gardening is great exercise, it’s relaxing, and the results can be gratifying. Even if you don’t enjoy gardening though, it’s worth adding some color to your garden and taking the time to make sure it’s clean, tidy and welcoming. If you’ve got a garden that you like, you are more likely to spend time in it. 

Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden is another way to encourage yourself to spend more time out there. Water, and especially pond fountains are incredibly relaxing. The sounds and smells of the water will help to soothe your mind and ease your tension. Many people find that lying near running water sends them to sleep or at least helps them to clear their minds.


Make Sure You’ve Got Seating

If you want to spend more time in your garden, seating is a must. With a comfortable table and chairs, you’ll be able to eat outside, but you’ll also be able to read, to entertain and practice your hobbies. Seating gives you options and makes it much easier to do things outside. 

Work Outside

Many of us now work from home or are able to work remotely at least some of the time. Make the most of that seating and take your laptop or books outdoors. Add a shady area with a large parasol, and work outside early in the morning, or in the evening sun when it’s not too hot. You might find that you are more productive and that solutions to problems come more easily. If you can’t work from home, or fancy a change of scenery, try working in the park, or outside a local coffee shop. 

Exercise Outdoors

Exercising is a fantastic way to spend time outside. Get out of the gym and go for a run, or practice yoga in your garden or local park. These change of scenery and added fresh air could improve your motivation and help you to increase the intensity of your workouts. 


In the winter, we make excuses. We have to drive because it’s cold and wet, or even because it might rain later on in the day. In the summer, there’s no excuse. Walk to work or school, walk to the shops, or even drive part way and walk the rest if it’s a long-distance. You’ll feel better for it, and you’ll save money. 

The Bottom Line on Staying Outside This Summer

Wash away the last ravages of those winter (and very wet springtime) blues by getting outside every minute you can this summer. Whether you push the kiddos on the swingset, walk the dog, or just relax around a firepit, enjoy these precious moments.

Go on. Grab that SPF, slather it up, and get out there!

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