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Finding New Inspiration For Your Home Interior

We all get a little tired of our home interior from time to time. So looking for ways to freshen things up is a must if we want to fully enjoy our home environment. The question, as always, is where to start?

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Not to blow our own trumpet, of course, but the services of an interior decorator is a good place to start. Are you struggling to find inspiration for your home? Great! We can help you with every stage of the process, from color consulting to decor selection. Get in touch with us here, and we will offer you our professional advice.

Then consider the other ideas in this article, as whether you decorate your home by yourself or through our help. You may be able to find inspiration of your own to guide your thoughts.

Inspiration through nature

A wonderful way to gain inspiration for your home’s design is through the beauty of nature. Look at the incredible color palettes exhibited in the sunsets you see every evening, for example. Could they offer scope for the color palettes you use within your home? See how the colors combine and merge together, and fashion your living space accordingly.

Take a walk along the beach. Consider the shades of blue you see within the sea and sky. Think of the texture of the sand and the weird and wonderful shapes of the seashells at your feet. Pocket the sand, pick up the seashells, collect driftwood, and take anything else that will spark your imagination to create your own beach decor. And take a walk through the park, and gaze in wonder at the shades of greenery around you, as well as the bright and vibrant colors of the seasonal flowers that contrast with the world around them.

Engage with what you see, and be inspired by nature’s marvelous beauty when you think about your home’s decor.

home interior
When designing your home interior, look to nature for inspiration

Inspiration through nostalgia

Despite the contradiction, going retro is quite fashionable for many, so think back to times past, and consider the colors and home decor trends that sparked invention. From the classic themes of a century ago, to the trends that shaped the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, consider the timeline that takes your fancy and consider decorating your home accordingly.

Online marketplaces such as are a great place to start when considering your furniture, as are flea markets and antique fairs. Visit retro stores online and on your high street for those collectible items that mark a specific period. And consider wall art, from the replicas of centuries-old classic pieces to the pop art that brightened up the world’s homes after the 1950s.

Of course, there have been decor missteps in every decade, so you don’t want to recreate classic mistakes. Consider this article on the best and the worst home decor trends from every decade, and learn from the lessons that are found within.

home interior
Nostalgic pieces should be chosen with care. Choose one great piece from an era that inspires you and leave the bad tucked away in the past.

The takeaway on falling in love again with your home interior.

We highlighted two ways of finding home decor inspiration that is outside of normal boundaries, but you can still return to tried and tested methods through the television makeover shows you watch, and the magazines you browse. Let us know your thoughts, and if we can help you bring your decor dreams into a reality, then please get in touch with us to get your home makeover started. Thanks for reading.

home interior
A transitional vignette.
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