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5 Smart Reasons for Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water is a trend everywhere. From the lobbies of hotels to your local day spa, everyone’s serving up this tasty twist on plain old water. As the temperatures climb as we head into the summer, it’s a trend that’s right on time.

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5 Smart Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

lemon water
Drink lemon water to keep hydrated the refreshing way.

1-Increase hydration

Water is boring. On the other hand, lemon water is more palatable. It gives us something to enjoy as we sip away. As a result, we are more likely to continue to sip away on a tall glass throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Because the human body requires so much water, it’s important to consume it all day long. Remember that old chart that told us we needed 64 oz. of water a day? Toss it in the trash. More current research from The National Academies of Science, Research, and Engineering tells us that a woman needs 91 oz.  and a man needs 125 oz. every day. In the heat of the summer, you need to compensate and drink even more.

Your organs and lymphatic system are made up of over 80% water. They require hydration for proper functioning. This includes the brain. As a result, a well-hydrated person is less likely to suffer a stroke than a dehydrated person.

Plus, water helps to flush toxins from organs such as your liver and kidneys and your lymph nodes.
The tart flavor is so yummy you won’t even mind drinking that water!

lemon water
Humans find the bright yellow lemon color and flavor appealing.

2-Harness the power of Vitamin C

Every time you twist that lemon wedge into your water, you’re releasing the goodness of Vitamin C. So why’s that important?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals. Free radicals attack all cells of your body and weaken them. In fact, they can even be a cause of cancer. So defending against the threat of free radicals results in a boosted immune system. That’s why you’re advised to take extra doses of this vitamin during cold and flu season.

We love the tart freshness when drinking lemon water

3-Improves the appearance of your skin

What’s the largest organ in your body? Your skin! As mentioned in the first bullet point, your organs need hydration for proper functionality. However, adding lemon adds a side benefit.

It turns out the Vitamin C is an essential part of a great skincare routine. The combination of consuming Vitamin C and using topical skin-care products that contain it topically is a powerful one-two punch in the fight against dry and aging skin.

4-Natural breath freshener

Have you ever rubbed your hands in lemon after cutting up an onion or descaling fish? The citric acid in the lemon is the key to the freshening power of lemons. Sipping water throughout the day will have a similar odor-killing effect on bad breath.

In addition, the slightly sour flavor stimulates your saliva. This means that you’ll naturally flush away food particles that can cause halitosis.

One note of caution. The same citric acid that kills foul odors and freshens up your breath can also cause acidic erosion to your tooth enamel. So those who drink lemon water all day long must make it a point to rinse their mouth out well throughout the day.

5-It’s a digestive aid

Drinking lemon water offers natural constipation relief for those who suffer from this common complaint. Lemons are rich in calcium, phosphorous, and iron. These help to promote healthy digestion. In addition, lemons contain pectin. This is a fiber that helps to flush waste through your bowels.

lemon water
Lemon water with herbs is both fresh-smelling and tasty!

Y’all, I’m crazy about lemon water.  Although I love all fruit waters, lemon is my hands-down favorite. But I had gotten away from drinking it. Last month, while on a trip, they were serving it in the hotel lobby upon arrival. I was hooked again, instantly, and I’ve been sipping it daily ever since!

lemon bars
Love lemon? Try these scrumptious lemon brownies.

For  a little variety, feel free to play with mixing in some additional flavors to make some great combos, such as:

  • lemon-lime
  • lemon-mint
  • lemon-rosemary
  • lemon-orange
  • lemon-strawberry
  • lemon-ginger

It’s really fun to play around with the mixture. Look to last summer’s post on fruit-infused waters for a little inspiration.

Lemon Water Pin

Can you share any additional benefits of drinking lemon water? I’d love to hear them!


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