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6 Hacks to Beat the Heat in Your Home This Summer

Summer is here! Sunny days, flowery dresses, frolicking at the beach… and languishing in the sweltering heat. Yes, summer days are hot and the heat might make you want to tear your hair out and strip your clothes off. It’s even worse if you don’t have an AC at home. Now, if you can, you should get one. But when you think about the high cost of purchasing an AC and running it (Oh my God, my energy bill is going to be off the charts!), then you might want to consider several cost-saving alternatives. Lucky you! You’re in the right place, as today we’re bent on discovering 6 handy hacks to beat the heat in your home this summer.

Want to feel cool this summer? Then you should:

Splurge on fans

Whether you do or don’t have an AC, a fan would come in very handy during this hot season, and the more fans, the merrier. Set the fans at strategic positions to circulate the cold air coming from the AC (if you do have one) or the cool air from the open windows. You can also direct the cool breeze to flow towards you.

Can this work only with box-style or standing fans? Of course not! You could also install ceiling fans to achieve the same effect of moving the air.

Try out these ‘cool’-ing tricks

So you don’t have an AC. How about an AC DIY to give you that cool air you so desperately seek. Get a shallow tray and fill it up with ice cubes. Place this ice tray in front of a fan (See, fans are pretty important) and then sit in front of the setup. As the ice melts, the surrounding air becomes cool and the fan simply blows this cold air in your direction. Ahh…Bliss!

You can also get a wet blanket and drape it over your open window. The hot air coming in through the window passes through the wet blanket and is cooled before it gets to you.

Make good use of your refrigerator

No, I’m not asking you to stick your head into the fridge, though that would soothe you for a while. Neither should you leave the fridge door open to let out some cold air into the room. What you should do is get a ziplock bag, put your cotton sheets in it, and keep the bag in the fridge. When you bring out the sheets at night, they’re damp and cool. Just what you need to sleep easier. You could also toss a water bottle in the fridge and then when it’s chilled, place it next to you on the bed for some cool shuteye. Remember to put on some damp socks before you finally slide between the sheets. Works wonders!

You said something about cotton sheets. Why can’t I use synthetic sheets? Nope. Definitely off the table during this heat period. Unlike cotton, they are not breathable during the hot season, and would prove immensely uncomfortable should you decide to sleep with them.

Do not use the oven

Yeah, you heard me. Summer is so not the time to cook indoors. Cook outside on grills, and if you must cook inside, use your crockpot or slow cooker as much as possible. Also, when cooking indoors, make sure it’s during the time of the day when the heat is at an all-time low even if you’re not ready to eat at that time. Cook much, store the rest in the fridge, and when it’s time to eat, simply microwave it.

Click the image below to find a simple, one-pot slow cooker meal idea.  

pierogies and kielbasa crock pot
Crock pot pierogies are so simple to fix! And the flavor? Unbeatable!

Limit your use of heat-generating appliances

While trying to stay cool this summer, it’s important that you don’t generate heat as well. Try to let your hair naturally dry if you can and only use the hairdryer once in a while. Don’t plug in your mobile phones and laptops to charge in the bedroom while you sleep. The charging process generates heat. Heat you can gladly do without. Oh, and don’t work with your laptop on your lap. Aside from health reasons, the heat coming from the system can be highly uncomfortable.

Most importantly, switch off light bulbs that are not in use, especially during the day. Of course, it cuts down on your energy bill. But even more significantly, it reduces the amount of heat in your home. Light bulbs generate heat, even energy-saving ones.

Drink lots and lots of water

I can’t say this enough. Drink water, drink water, and yes, drink water. Endeavor to stay hydrated this summer. Apart from making you cooler and keeping you refreshed, water works wonders for your skin and overall health.

I can’t just be drinking water every time! It’s no fun. I really can’t. It’s boring…Okay, I get the point. Well, you can add a little bit of flavor, like mint, to sweeten the water.

To wrap it all up today, the summer heat is a perfect excuse to eat cold or frozen foods like ice cream, popsicles, and snow cones, as well as drink cold stuff such as iced coffee. These won’t necessarily cool your home but combined with these cooling hacks, you would definitely feel cooler.

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