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Essential Skin Care Tips (and the really cool science behind them)

Want to know the skin care tips of makeup artists and beauty professionals?

Those pros always have glowing skin that seems to radiate from within and exude an air of confidence that’s unparalleled. This is the swagger is the kind that can only happen when you know you look fantastic. Does this mean you brag about it? Nope, you let that beautiful look do all the talking for you.

Once you master these beauty secrets, including some common sense anti-aging tips, you will also create a buzz about your more youthful look and natural beauty without relying solely on the latest in beauty trends.

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5 Essential Skin Care Tips (and the cool science behind each hint!)

Try these tips for a healthy glow.

1 – Hydration Begins Within

You’ve heard this before. Drink your water. H2O performs miracles for your wellness both inside and out. Skin that lacks hydration never appears radiant. Drinking water is the ultimate anti-aging advice.

Water makes up about 60% of the human body. Every organ within the body shares the need for hydration, including the skin. When you lack water internally, your brain prioritizes delivering water to your heart and lungs and neglects the skin.

The old advice to drink eight 10-ounce glasses of water today remains a rule of thumb. However, if you work out or compete, live in a hot or arid environment, or have specific medical concerns, you’ll need to pump up that water intake.

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Water does your body good, keeps it fresh, and gives you glowing skin.

2 – Know Your Double-Duty Products

Beauty pros know that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you spent your life savings on your skincare routine.

Their secret? Purchase products that pull double duty.

  • Here are some examples of double-duty beauty products:
  • BB creams that deliver hydration while providing sheer coverage. High-quality lip tints that prevent and treat chapped lips even as they add natural color.
  • An under-eye concealer that also addresses fine lines with hyaluronic acid.
  • A professionally-matched foundation that protects your skin from damaging UV rays with SPF.

Here is a smart rule of thumb. Every double-duty makeup and skin care combination product should achieve two criteria:

  1. It must be perfectly suited for your skin type and tone. Otherwise, it will become a cast-off in the back of the bathroom drawer.
  2. Every item should deliver a therapeutic benefit to improve your skin.

By incorporating skin care with your daily makeup routine, you are treating yourself to the gift of improved skin and enhanced natural beauty.

3 – Easy-to-Follow Routine

Beauty advisors at each beauty counter in every department store explain that you need product A as a makeup remover, B as a cleanser, C as an exfoliator, D as a toner, and E as an eye cream, and F as a serum. After you agree to the purchase, they next suggest that you must use the entire bottle every six weeks to reap the benefits.

After they convince you to buy in, they sneak in add-on products–Product F for masking and so forth.

By the time you check out, they’ve built themselves a sale of over $500 and a nice, juicy commission check. However, this leaves you trying to remember how to use each product. And, you must also recall in what order to apply them to your skin.

And I would know. After all, I used to be a makeup artist and counter manager with a world-leading brand.

hyaluronic acid


Of all the beauty secrets they divulge, here’s the one they don’t want you to know. Those same beauty advisors likely return home after work and remove their makeup with an all-in-one makeup remover or wipe products, slap on some serum, and call it a night.

Your skin requires three essential basics: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Some people, especially those with excessively dry skin, might need all those products outlined in our example. Others might use a mild cleanser and get away with it.

The long and short of this is that a simple skincare routine is one that you will stick to consistently. All the skincare tips in the world don’t matter if you don’t put your products to good use.

4 – The Importance of UV Protection

Another anti-aging secret is the necessity of UV protection. In fact, you should protect your skin from harmful UV rays every day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside in the morning. When the sun breaks through the clouds by mid-day, you’ll be left unprotected. Even if you have past damage, it’s not too late to get started. This is one of those non-negotiable tips of beauty experts.

Every person’s skin has a natural color called melanin. Melanin is brown in color. Therefore, the more melanin you have, the deeper your skin tone. Your level of this pigmentation is passed to you genetically, and it offers you a level of protection from the sun’s rays.

From an evolutionary standpoint, humans evolved so that people who live in the hottest and sunniest equatorial climates have richer skin tones. These generally include those in Northern and Central Africa, the Middle East, and South and Central America. Keep in mind, there is no exact “boundary,” but these were the traditional cultural centers of people who have more deeply pigmented skin.

On the literal polar end of the spectrum, you have more fair-skinned people who have minimal sun exposure. They hailed from the cultures furthest away from the equator and into sub-arctic zones. These could include those from the northern European regions, the southernmost tip of South America, and the northernmost parts of the Asian continent.

Naturally, you have people who fall everywhere in between these two skin tones.

What does all that mean?

Everyone needs protection for UV damage.

Some people have built-in mechanisms to help protect their skin, but others need more help in the form of SPF products.

UV damage not only causes premature aging and dry, damaged skin, but it also causes dangerous skin cancers. Invest in a fantastic UV protectant with SPF 15 (minimum) indicated for use on the face and neck and slather it on daily to prevent future damage, retain essential skin moisture, and give you a healthier appearance.

Furthermore, don’t forget to protect the fragile, thin skin on your lips! Regular protection protects you from chapped lips.

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5 – Repair While You Sleep

Here’s an anti-aging product that won’t cost you one dime: sleep.

Your body commands 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night for optimal health. Your skin, the largest organ of the human body, requires this period of rest also.

Miraculous things happen as your body is at rest.

First, your brain slows down the essential functions of respiration and circulation and neurologic processes. When you’re awake, those critical functions steal away the bulk of your brain’s attention. Once your mind has lulled them into a restful state, it can shift focus into sending signals to your body to repair your body on a cellular level. The messages sent from the nerve endings signal when it’s time to repair–from the endocrine and digestive systems to replenishing your skin.

When you prepare for sleeping for the night, it’s your opportunity to help speed up the skin repair cycle. Use your favorite serum and moisturizer to hydrate and repair from the outside even as your own body performs those amazing repairs from the inside.

bed sheets
Get a refreshing night of slumber.

The Bottom Line on Taking Great Strides to Better Skin Care

Hopefully, these beauty secrets told you not only what you should be doing for maintaining your natural beauty and anti-aging. In fact, we know you may have heard some of these before. We hope that you gained a better understanding of the sciences and logic behind the beauty tips that all beauty professionals already know.

Beauty isn’t about having cabinets filled with all the latest in trendy products. While those can be fun, you can never go wrong with an investment in natural beauty. For with diligent skin care comes that glow that puts a sassy pep into your step and helps you exude confidence.

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