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Easy Life Hack to Drink More Water Every Day

You know you should drink more water, but the challenge to do so seems impossible. This video blog life hack gives you a visual reminder to continue to sip throughout the day. No tech required!

An Easy Tip to Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

Here is the video, followed by a transcript for those who prefer to read the information instead of watching on video.

Watch this video to learn an easy method to sip enough water during the day.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to DIY Home & Garden. Today I wanted to share with you a life hack to help you drink more water, so you can stay healthy and safe and enjoy this summer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, women should drink 91 ounces of water per day and men should drink 125 ounces. Now that’s gonna vary depending on how hot it is where you live, and whether you work out during the day, and all those good things.

So I’m not recommending to you how much to drink, that is between you and your doctor. Those are just some general guidelines. And that’s a lot of water. I know, me personally, my doctor told me about a hundred ounces, not 91. That could be because I train for 5ks and run in the North Carolina Heat—several times a week. So that is probably why for me it’s a little higher. It’s gonna change.

Anyway, it’s hard to keep up with drinking that much water. There are apps on these watches and phones. But you know, who remembers to set those? I know I don’t!

drink water
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So I have found the way that works best for me and that is a very, very simple one-quart mason jar with my lemon water, and this little product that I got from Amazon. It is the Ball, which is a trusted household name, Ball Brand Sip and Straw Lid.

See, it has a straw and it has a lid. You take your mason jar, and you take your canning ring. This one happens to be a regular mouth, but they do make them in wide mouth, as well. Put your top on here (holds up a glass jar filled with lemon water), put your straw through, and put on your top (tightens the ring).

And I know when I have consumed three of these, that I have taken in 96 ounces of water, so almost my 100-ounce benchmark that my doctor has told me to do.

Real easy. Low tech. It reminds you to drink water when you keep this sitting on your desk all day. And it will help you keep safe, hydrated, and healthy all summer long.

I put the purchase link for this in the DIY Home & Garden Amazon store in the notes for the video below. And I hope that you will invest in yourself and invest in this really simple tool and take care of yourself.

Until the next time, I hope you have a happy DIY day.

(end transcript)

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The Takeaway: You Can Drink Water Using This Visual Reminder–Get That Goal!

Set your hydration goal with your doctor, and go for it! Using this tip, you can do this and enjoy a healthier life. In the meantime, please check out our Amazon store for products that we try–we do not carry products until someone on our team tests them for quality, first!

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