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Decluttering Made Easy: A step by step guide

You’re probably thinking of decluttering and cleaning your home this spring season, but the problem is, where to begin. The truth is that spring cleaning your entire home isn’t going to be an overnight project, and so, the need for a clear plan to make the cleaning tasks more manageable.

If possible, have the plan marked on your calendar, together with your expected date of completion to ensure that you stay focused once you kick off the process. Below is the step by step guide to an effective decluttering to ensure a successful spring cleaning project. Identify the major areas that you’ll be working on It’s the first step in ensuring a clutter-free home.

Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or the garage you’re going to be working on, you need to plan as some areas may require several hours to declutter. Consider starting with the areas that require a few minutes to complete. That way, you get the urge to continue with every single accomplishment.

Get your sorting system ready

This task is where the idea of the three sorting baskets (or boxes) comes in–keepers; donate; trash. As you tackle the to-do list and clean out cabinets and closets, this will serve as your system.

Of course, there are some items that you no longer use while others are just in dire need of repair. So while you sort out the things, ensure the boxes are labeled to help you keep what you need and get rid of the unwanted things.

You can always donate or resale what you no longer use, and in case you decide to keep, then ensure the items go into their newly designated home. This space can be that extra room in your house.

Hint: Try as much as possible to resist the urge of purchasing new items while still in the decluttering process, and if you have to, then only bring in what you require at the moment. However, the best practice is to wait until you complete the whole process.


It helps you stay in control of the ever-piling clutter and hence a more organized home.

Go room by room

Of course, others prefer to go the item-by-item way, but the room-by-room system will keep your cleaning momentum going even when you feel like giving up. Furthermore, the system helps you discover what it is that fuels the piling of clutter around your home so you can avoid the habit and keep your home organized.

And speaking of room-by-room decluttering here is how to go about it in each space (room):


The springtime is just around the corner. And that is a sure signal that it’s time to reorganize your closet. Consider moving all your winter garments to the hard-to-reach areas of your closet to create easier access for the new season’s attire. This should include even shoes. Remember that the closet is a go-to hiding place for messes and clutter.

The Kitchen

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Actually, this is where most people begin your declutter and spring cleaning project.

  • Work one section of the kitchen at a time.
  • Clean out the dishes to make decluttering even much more manageable.
  • Clear the countertops and remove any kitchen appliances that you rarely (or don’t) use.
  • If you’d like your cooking utensils or storage containers (like sugar dish or salt container) to stay on the counter for more comfortable reach, then consider putting them on a tray.
  • Clean your drawers before putting in the utensils.
  • Next, clean out the fridge and freezer, and get out all those condiments that you no longer use. This is also the perfect time to plan your freezer meals.
  • Proceed to your food cupboard, clean it out as well and arrange like things together — grains on their own, baking items, and any other items.
  • Lastly, ensure that only kitchen items get into the kitchen as this will help you stay organized even after the decluttering and cleaning.

You will feel no better feeling of accomplishment than seeing a sparkling clean kitchen.

Living room

Spring cleaning and a bit of organizing can make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Start by clearing any clutter (toys, magazines, books) from the floor and then move on to get everything in its rightful place. As you proceed to work on the upper parts of the room, ensure you only keep what you need at the moment and donate what you don’t use.

Try as much as possible to resist the urge of holding onto items. Just because something looks good or was given to you as a gift doesn’t mean that you have to let it stay even if you aren’t utilizing it.

The Takeaway on Decluttering for a Cleaner Home

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Home decluttering is among the most straightforward projects anyone can carry out, but only with the right mechanisms in place. Following the above guide will not only give you that extra space in the spring but also ensure that your home stays organized and clean throughout the other seasons as well.


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