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7 Best Tips for Easily Decluttering Your Home

In the build-up to a house move, you have the perfect opportunity to start decluttering before you start your new life. The benefits of decluttering are many, not least because you will lighten your load and potentially save money on moving your precious possessions. But decluttering your home is not always so easy. It can be a long, exhausting process if you let it. With this in mind, let’s show you the best practices to declutter your property before you make a big move.

7 Top Tips for Decluttering Before You Move House

Start with these steps to declutter. It’s an excellent starting point to get yourself organized.

1 – Set a Date and Time to Declutter

This is to make life easier. Ideally, it should be about a month before you make the big move. You also need to be aware that it may take more than one day. When you set this date, make sure there are no distractions and give yourself a tangible goal. If you know there is a lot of junk you need to remove, hire a van for the day after or book moving services that remove junk. When you’ve got a set date and you put things in place, this gives you the motivation.

2 – Set Some Ground Rules for Decluttering Your Home

One of the big reasons decluttering takes so long is that we start to dwell on each item. It’s tough to part with things when they hold significant memories. But before the date, make a list, so you have a basic plan, but also set some essential rules. For example, you can say that “expired items go on the list” or “clothes you haven’t worn for six months go on the list,” etc. That way, you can stick to a basic set of rules. This means that you will not achieve much if you deviate from this and will make the moving process a lot harder.

3 – Work on One Room at a Time

The best approach is a methodical one. Going from room to room allows you to declutter while also making significant progress. To make life easier and to save time, you need to take everything out of each container. So, for example, if you are working on your master bedroom, take every item out of the wardrobes, under the bed, and the drawers. It gives you a far better idea of what you have and what the end product should be. If you aim to have one box of items at the end of it, but currently, your stuff takes up four or five, seeing everything in front of you is another motivator.

4 – Deal With the Documents First

You will be surprised how many pieces of paper you have accumulated over the years. From bills to user manuals and books, the paper aspect will likely take you a whole day. It’s a good idea to invest in a paper shredder. If you have many documents with your address, you don’t want to put this out in the recycling fully formed if people try to defraud you. You will be surprised how much you’ve achieved once you got rid of all of the documents.

5 – The Process of Segregation

This is one of the most significant aspects of declaring that can help you, from expired items to broken items, as well as things that still work, separating your items into three distinct sections. This sorting gives you a clear vision of what you really need. Of course, any junk needs removing, but just make sure that there aren’t any hazardous items, such as batteries. When it comes to removing hazardous materials, you may want to hire a removal service to help you or do some research on how to get rid of the items.

decluttering garage6 – What Can You Sell While Decluttering Your Home?

You may think that it’s not worth your while if you have time before moving day, selling some of these key items can recoup the costs of moving. When you are already decluttering, anything that you could potentially sell can go in one corner of a room and then take the opportunity while they are in one place to take photos and put them on a social media marketplace like Facebook. Label it as “collection only,” and if there are no takers within one week, reduce the price because, at the very least, you have made some extra cash!

7 – Use Storage When in Doubt!

Many people make the most of storage hacks, but if you are stuck for time and there are things that are proving stressful, you may consider using storage facilities. This is a perfect test because if there are items you think you need, put them into storage, and you will decide if you actually need them in your life.

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