Home Canned Pizza Sauce (so easy)

We love to eat pizza at my house, and we always keep home canned pizza sauce on hand. But, you see, I live in a very rural area. The closest pizza shop is about 30 minutes away. Of course, they don't deliver. Frozen pizza from the frozen food section? No, thanks! My solution is to keep the ingredients for making the best pizza at home. I have really grown to enjoy the whole pizza making process, from scratch made dough to home canned pizza sauce. 

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Holiday seasons are meant to be fun, but usually, we get caught up with a lot of important stuff to do: gift - shopping, sprucing up the house Christmas-style, choosing and decorating the tree, and yes, baking cookies. It's time to take a deep breath and cut down on the workload. This Christmas season, instead … Continue reading How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

5 Essential Jobs To Get Your Yard Ready For Winter

After a long, hot summer followed by a long, hot fall, it's finally begun to cool down here in the coastal region of North Carolina. This is the time of year that I love. There's a cool nip in the air, yet it isn't freezing cold. It's the perfect time to get out in the yard. This is the perfect time to tackle these 5 essential jobs to get your yard ready for winter.

Freezing Sweet Potatoes (Without Them Turning Brown)

Freezing sweet potatoes without them turning brown can be challenging. There's nothing worse than doing all the work of freezing, only to have your lovely potatoes turn from that gorgeous sunset orange to the color of rust by the time you serve them. 

How To Freeze Sweet Corn Without It Getting Mushy!

Today's post is all about how to freeze sweet corn without it getting mushy when you serve it. There's nothing better in the dead of winter than corn that was picked fresh and frozen quickly. It practically bursts with the flavors of summer. On the other hand, there's nothing worse than badly frozen corn.

Oven Dehydrate Jalapeno Peppers An Easy Way To Preserve

Oven dehydrating jalapeno peppers is a quick, easy way to preserve them. When you use this method, the jalapenos hold their famous sweet heat flavor so that you can use them all winter. They only take a few minutes to prep to dry. Once you have finished prepping them and have put them in the oven, they take care of themselves and just need to be checked occasionally.

Meatball Pizza Sliders : Combine Your Love of Pizza and Burgers, A Quick Easy Recipe

One of my favorite foods is meatball pizza sliders. I love both pizza and burgers, it's often difficult to decide which one I'm hungry for. This quick and easy recipe can combine your love of pizza and burgers into one cheesy, flavorful, delicious dish. They solve the dilemma of pizza vs. burgers. These sliders can … Continue reading Meatball Pizza Sliders : Combine Your Love of Pizza and Burgers, A Quick Easy Recipe

Freeze Strawberry Puree Today So You Can Enjoy the Berry Good Sweetness All Year!

Strawberries are so delicious that I freeze strawberry puree every season so that I can pull some out of the freezer throughout the year and enjoy. There's no sweeter indulgence than a decadent home-baked cheesecake topped with fresh strawberry flavor in the middle of November when strawberries are just not available.