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The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers (for any Budget)

Are you looking for the best gifts for the coffee lovers in your life?

Whether you need a present for a co-worker, acquaintance, or someone you love, java is always a sight for sore eyes.


As long as they love coffee. But who doesn’t? To say otherwise sounds like crazy talk!

We did the hard work for you–scouring Amazon for the best gifts to give a coffee lover. Here are the picks, sorted by budget.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Big Ticket Items

Need to purchase a present for a close friend or family member and have a higher dollar amount in mind? These are the best gifts for your budget.

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1 – Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker with Frother

Are you shopping for a person with a Keurig on their wish list? The Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker model here steps up the game with great features like a milk frother and coffee shot option.

Here’s why we love this:

  • Single-serve Keurig coffee maker
  • Brews cappuccino, latte, iced coffee, or coffee
  • Sixty-ounce reservoir
  • Auto shutoff feature conserves energy by powering down two minutes after the last use.
  • Removable drip tray makes cleaning up a snap
  • Tall size accommodates travel mugs.
  • Coffee frother to make creamy toppings for lattes
  • The coffee shot option gives a quick caffeine burst.
  • Dishwasher-safe frother unit for easy cleaning after use.

Check price on Amazon.

2 – Wirsh Espresso Machine

Searching for the best gift for an espresso lover is easy–a new espresso machine!

The Wirsh Espresso Machine is a 15-bar espresso brewer with an integrated milk frother. They’ll love the sleek, attractive stainless steel finish!

Here’s why we love this espresso maker:

  • Features a 15-bar pump, true to the original Italian style
  • Heats up in about 30 seconds, then dispenses espresso at the perfect temperature for rich and bold flavor
  • Milk frother to add creamy goodness to the hot beverage
  • Stylish, sleek, stainless steel wipes down easily and looks fantastic
  • 42-ounce water tank
  • BAP free for safe consumption
  • Heated cup warming plate on top of the unit gently warms your cup –no nice, hot espresso in a cold mug
  • Removable drip tray for ease of cleaning
  • Safety handle allows the user to carry water from the sink easily

3 – Electric Coffee Bean Roaster

Someone who’s really crazy about coffee might really enjoy learning how to roast raw coffee beans at home. This is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers because few people have these in their homes already–truly unique!

Why we love this coffee bean roaster:

  • Multi-tiers empower anyone to roast coffee at home. The beans sit in the top layer, and chaff falls into the bottom for less mess during roasting.
  • The integrated fan moves the air around the coffee for two minutes after the roasting phase. This feature means the coffee beans cool quickly to stop the cooking process or over-processing.
  • Quiet fan, no loud rattling.
  • Easy cleanup after use.
  • Filter tray catches the chaff and wipes down with a cloth to clean.

4 – Ninja Hot and Cold Brew Coffee System with Auto IQ

The Ninja Coffee System is a powerhouse, all-in-one coffeemaker that puts the user in total control of the coffeemaking experience.

I had one of these, and I used it daily. (Sadly, it got damaged in a move, and I have yet to replace it).

Why we love the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew Coffee System:

  • As the name suggests, a user can brew hot coffee or iced coffee at the touch of a button.
  • The unit delivers flexibility. Brew from a single cup through a large pot.
  • Integral frother to make deliciously creamy toppings
  • Fully programmable, featuring patented Auto IQ technology
  • The height accommodates a tall travel mug.
  • Comes with two brewing baskets — one for coffee; one for tea, so flavors do not co-mingle
  • Sixty-ounce carafe
  • It comes with a Ninja coffee scoop, which clicks to the unit’s side for handy storage.
  • Automatic drip dispenser for smooth flavor.

The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers at a Medium Budget

So what if you want to find a present but spend a little less? These gifts are wonderful for that mid-price point.

5 – Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Any coffee lover would love to have an electric burr coffee grinder. This style of grinding beats other styles because it whirls the beans into more uniform grounds. This uniformity delivers the best brew.

Why we love this electric coffee grinder:

  • 16 grinder settings empower the user to customize the consistency from fine to coarse textures, depending on the application.
  • Grind two to fourteen cups at one time
  • The flat burrs mean that the user won’t accidentally overheat the coffee beans during the grinding process, prematurely releasing the flavor.
  • Cleans up easily with the cleaning brush that comes along in the box.

Check price on Amazon.

6 – Frieling USA Double-walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker

French press coffee enjoys a cult-following among coffee drinkers. This brewing method yields flavor that is bold but not bitter. Low-tech does not mean skimping on the flavor!

Why we love the Frieling USA French press coffee maker:

  • Dual screens ensure the user does not pick up stray grounds in their finished product.
  • No-dribble spout pours hot liquids smoothly.
  • Double-walled construction insulates the java and keeps it hotter, longer.
  • Sleek, attractive polished stainless steel matches almost every decor.
  • Easy cleanup, thanks to dishwasher safe parts.
  • Hint: the gift recipient can also use this to make loose leaf tea.

Check price on Amazon.

7 – Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffee Maker (single serve or by the pot)

The Hamilton Beach 2-way coffee maker offers flexibility and convenience. Brew a single cup into a mug or travel cup, or a full pot of coffee. It is easy to set up and get brewing almost right out of the box.

I have personally used this brewer and enjoyed the ease of use and delicious coffee produced.

  • As mention, the gift recipient can brew a full pot or single cup of java–their choice!
  • Programmable, complete with a timer so the user can wake up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee
  • No expensive k-cups. Use ground coffee for the single-cup feature.
  • Pause and serve option to sneak a cup as coffee dispenses
  • The warming plate keeps coffee warm.
  • An enormous 96-ounce capacity makes this perfect for the person who loves to entertain.
  • Brew strength selector to control brewing strength
hamilton beach
Click the image to check the price on Amazon.

Best Gifts for the Coffee Enthusiast in Your Life–on the Smallest Budgets!

Looking for a token gift for a casual friend or co-worker? These presents will not bust your budget–but they will love them, nonetheless!

8 – Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe

I have a secret to share with you.

Despite being a drink-coffee-all-day java-holic, the Melitta is my daily go-to coffeemaker. I owned this unit for 20 years.

The coffee I produce in it every morning is wonderful. I love the routine of waking up, boiling the water, grinding my beans, and handcrafting a fresh pot every morning.

This pour over unit outlasted at least 6 electric models, and I will never part with it! As often as I stray to the latest and greatest gadgets, I always go back to my Melita.

Why we love the Melitta pour over coffee brewer:

  • Produces consistent, predictable, boldly-flavored java
  • BPA free plastic cone
  • Makes 36 ounces of coffee at one time — or you can cut that in half as you wish.
  • No electric parts to wear out
  • Takes #4 cone filters
  • Anyone can make a fantastic cup of coffee with this kit.
  • Includes the pour-over cone and carafe

9 – Contigo Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Ideal for commuters, the Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug locks in heat and flavor and helps prevent hot coffee mishaps in your car or on the bus ride to work.

Why we love the Contigo travel mug:

  • Locks in the heat for as long as five hours
  • Keeps iced coffee cold for an amazing twelve hours
  • Narrow enough to fit most auto cup, holders
  • It fits under Keurig and other single-service coffeemakers.
  • Leak and spill-resistant
  • One-hand operation
  • Easy to clean lid to clean easily and prevent germs

10 – Brooklyn Beans Coffee Pods Variety Pack

Of course, one of the best gifts for a person who loves a good cup of Joe is coffee! If your friend has a Keurig, they would love to receive this Brooklyn Beans coffee pod pack.

Why we love the Brooklyn Beans variety pack:
  • This assortment includes several flavors and forty different pods.
  • Work with Keurig 2.0 k-cup models
  • Kosher coffee
  • Gluten-free
  • No GMOs
  • The user can recycle these pods, so they are kinder to the environment!
  • Support a small roastery (we love small businesses!)

The Bottom Line: You’ll Find the Best Gifts for Coffee Aficionados to Suit Every Budget!

Whether you have a large or small budget (or someplace in between), you can find great java-related things. The best gifts are the ones that come from a place of love and consideration for what the person might like. Price is not always the determining factor! Please consider using my purchase links when you shop! As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission (but there is no extra cost to you!).

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