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4 Easy Ways To Tidy Up and Organize Your Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, you know it’s a great place to store all sorts of household and lawn items. But more often than not, the garage is the first place in the home to become a cluttered, disorganized mess. It’s not a joke that the garage is a dumping ground for the random items you have acquired over time.

Instead of aiding your organization, your garage can easily become a dark abyss where toys, tools, and supplies are lost forever. We want to help you avoid a messy garage with four neat ways to keep it tidy!

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1. Utilize Wall Space for Shelving Storage

Walls in garages are often neglected and become a total waste of space. The first step in tidying up your garage is this: move everything away from the walls and add some shelving. Shelving has the ability to completely expand the amount of usable space in your garage.

And there are so many different options when it comes to shelving. You can install shelves directly into the walls of your garage or you can purchase shelf units to place along the walls. No matter what you choose, you’ll be delighted to see how much more space you can take advantage of you in your garage with new shelves.

2. Hang Large Items

Professional organizers agree that hanging everything and anything you can is a great way to reduce clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place! When you hang large items they take up less floor space and allow you to utilize any unused wall space. You can hang strollers, tools, and you can even hang bikes.

3. Get Acquainted with Clear Plastic Bins and Labels

Now that you have all of this beautiful open shelf space, it’s time to organize all that junk you just threw in the middle of the garage. How best to organize all of your belongings? We recommend using clear plastic bins. This gives your belonging a home and lets you see the contents of the bins.

Sort all of the smaller items in your garage and remember that “Like goes with like.” This means you should keep the kids toys all together in one bin and reserve another bin for small outdoor lawn tools.

And don’t forget to label! Labeling your clear bins is an important step in tidying up your garage and staying organized. While the clear bins are useful because you can see what they contain, labels will make life even easier since you can simply reference them for the contents of the bin.

This obviously takes some work up front. But the goal is to organize and declutter so you actually know and see what you own and then use it! In the end, life will be so much easier. It just takes a little legwork to get started.

4. Use a Pegboard to Hang and Organize Tools

Another great, budget-friendly way to keep the garage organized is by installing a pegboard. This is a real space saver and can be installed right next to where you park your car to maximize space! You can purchase hooks and hang garden supplies, rakes, and shovels in an organized manner.

This is also a simple way to organize smaller items too. Hang up small baskets with hooks to store smaller items.

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Don’t be ruled by excess clutter. Hang it up on pegboards for that purpose.

Finally, Sorted!

While organizing your garage can feel like a daunting task, it is well worth the work you put in. There is nothing more serene than a decluttered, ultra-organized garage. You’ll quickly find you have more peace of mind and a lot more time when you’re no longer digging through piles of stuff looking for that one small garden shovel that you know you put somewhere. A tidy garage means a more relaxed life!

About me: Hi, I’m Zac. When my wife told me I needed a better shed it started an obsession with everything in my yard. You can read more about me at

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