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Stop Letting Your Home Rule Your Life

Now aren’t we just preaching to the choir? There are many things that will rule your life at the minute, and your home is definitely one of them.

The more time that you spend in it, the more you putter about from one job to the next. But during this puttering, you will start to notice little things that are wrong.

Perhaps the oven door isn’t closing properly, or heavens forbid…there’s a cup stain on the coffee table.

Through no fault of your own, or perhaps maybe you’re a tiny bit to blame, things will start going wrong around the home. Even if it’s the little things like we’ve mentioned, they’re still enough to really wind your gears up. And the stress is just not what you need. But sometimes it can be hard to find the time and energy to go around and sort out every little thing.

After all, the only real spare time you’re going to get is on the weekend. But even then you’ll most likely put sorting the house last on your list of things to do. And who could blame you, life is for living!

But at the end of the day, the problems your home is creating is always going to bring you back home, so it’s about time you stopped letting your home rule your life and did something about it! Here’s what we think you can do!

You Got A Little Bit Carried Away…

We all get carried away in life. Whether it be with food, shopping, or indeed your home. It’s so easy to see something that you want, and just to get it on an impulse.

When it comes to your home, this is most definitely easy to do, and it’s one of the quick ways that hoarders are born. Hoarders and people that you might be well aware of, even if you will deny that you are one yourself.

This scenario leads to a home that’s super hard to tidy and organize. That’s just because you have things that you don’t need, in pretty much every single room. But we get it. When it comes to interior design, sometimes there’s no such thing as too much. And in the bid to make your home look super modern and funky, you could turn it into clutter central.

So why not dedicate this weekend, or perhaps the next if you’re a little busy, to clearing your home out a little bit. There are plenty of places that could put your things to better use, such as a charity shop.

What you’ll be left with afterward, is a really nice amount of space that’s been opened up, and a lot of cleaning moved out of your life. If you are a serial hoarder, and you just know you’re going to struggle to part ways with some of the things, enlist the help of others, and unless it’s something sentimental, then let them decide whether they think it should stay or go!

You’re Really Not The Handyman

Well now isn’t this true for most of us. Although we might like to think we are, and we definitely do give ourselves a big pat on the back each time that we change a lightbulb, when it comes to some of the things that we have to change in our homes, it’s actually really hard to do.

So we get people in to do it for us, especially if our partners are not handy in the slightest either. For all of you people rocking the single life, the need to rely on others to fix things is definitely bigger. Which is one of the reasons why when something is broke, it remains broken for a very long time.

We’ve always got something that people are asking us about, and will carry on asking us about for months down the line. The old classic of ‘oh, is this still broke?!’ will always be heard throughout millions of households.

But there are some things that you really don’t want to have to keep putting up with, simply because they could eventually turn into a much bigger problem. A prime example is the slow draining drain. Perhaps it would be in your bathroom or your kitchen sink. But because the water drains nice and slowly, rather than not at all, we just don’t question it.

But one day this could so easily lead to a nice leak below the surface, causing water to be everywhere. So if you’re really not the handyman and wouldn’t have a clue how to sort this out, call a plumber!!

If you would like to give this a good old college try, try watching this Youtube video, and see if it can talk you through unblocking a drain pipe!

You Never Got Round To Doing These…

The biggest thing you never got round to, is making chores easier for yourself. Chores sound like something you should be doing as a kid, but sadly it’s something we all know not to be true.

Chores follow us until we’re old and grey, and the way that we’re doing it is definitely not the easiest way. So one thing we want to highly recommend is getting yourself some better equipment. Take vacuuming, for example, the highest calorie burner of all. If you have an old and outdated one, it can be like pushing a lump of bricks around your home….not easy!

So have a look at the top vacuum brands here, and see which one you would like to have. The more modern ones literally glide across the floor, making it seem so much easier. This might never take the dreaded fear of having to do the house chores away. But at least it will make doing them a little bit easier!

Treat yourself to the equipment that helps you tackle chores faster.

Make The Most Of It Instead!

A simple little tip, and that’s rather than associating your home with all of the negative things you do, simply enjoy it instead. When you get wrapped up in maintaining a home, it’s easy to forget how blessed you actually are to have your own home, and live life sheltered and comfortable. So simply take some time to appreciate what you’ve got!

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