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How to Make Serious Space in Your Garage

Ever looked at your messy space and wondered how to make serious space in your garage?

Your garage is a big place really. There’s a lot of floor space, and there’s some tall walls, and you’re meant to be able to fit a car in there! Of course, life doesn’t always work like that, and sometimes your garage is just a storage area… but there’s still ways to clear out the room to give yourself something to actually work with.

And hopefully, that’s what the points below can help you to do. You need serious space. And these methods can give you just that!

You Open it Up

You can easily open up your garage just clicking the button on the remote that opens the doors, of course. But when it comes down to it, leaving those doors open just isn’t practical. After all, anything could wander in. Plus, anything could be broken or go missing as a result! And if you don’t quite know what’s in your garage at the moment, because it’s just a general storage area, you could be losing a lot of household inventory without even having any knowledge over it. That’s quite a sore loss, isn’t it?

So instead, get yourself a sliding garage screen door fitted. If it’s a sunny day out, you can simply open up the main garage door, and then pop the screen across. This way, all the light and the breeze and the heat gets into your garage, but none of the bugs or animals or errant neighborhood children do. Once you’re done for the day, just close up again, with zero trouble.

This helps to keep the garage open yet safe, and gives you more space to work with on a daily basis. And if you’re someone who’s fond of yard sales, this is a great way to set up your booth!

You Go Underground

There doesn’t seem to be much room down there either… But you can modify the land your house is on to help make some serious space in your garage. You don’t need any kind of vault down there, of course, but could put your car measurements to good use here.

Getting a hydraulic car lift fitted couldn’t be easier! You’ve got a single car garage, and not even a single car can get in there. But if you’re getting a lift like this fitted, you have room for a second car, and a driving motivation to give the place a good clear out. Thus, you can modify your garage to have an underground storage portion to it, whether you want just more room at the tap of a button, or you want to to get another car in there without having to fork out thousands to extend the place.

The Bottom Line: You can create space in your garage with some creative thinking

Making serious space in your garage doesn’t have to be a fight. You’ve got a lot to work with, even if you don’t know it yet!

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