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Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspirations

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Another opportunity to be grateful, make merry, and FEAST! Now you’re grinning from ear to ear in remembrance….and anticipation. As we get ready to celebrate, we womenfolk are already thinking of ways to make the Thanksgiving table more beautiful and impressive than last year. Wanna make sure your family and friends are left speechless (or at least close to it) when they take a look at your Thanksgiving centerpiece?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then check out these creative Thanksgiving tablescape arrangements.

  • Go green

Sometimes, all you need for a unique Thanksgiving tablescape is an abundance of lush and succulent plants. The verdant decor below does not exclude the chandelier amply decorated with flora.

If you’re not comfortable with the overabundance of greens and would prefer a controlled or limited palette, then this ocean-themed tablescape might be more to your liking. Here, touches of green are interspersed with candles and pumpkins on a handstitched table runner.

You can also make the green decor the highlight of the table by strategically placing topiaries in candle holders or quirky vases.

  • Creative leaf prints or designs

While we are basking in the beauty of autumn, it makes perfect sense to incorporate fall leaves into your Thanksgiving tablescape design. You can achieve this in a whole lot of creative ways, ensuring your guests compliment you throughout the meal.

Leaf stencils and monograms on your plates are a good way to start:

For some real taste of ingenuity, get some real fall leaves, place them on the table, and cover them with transparent plates. The result is quite beautiful; an impressive statement of creativity.

Or strategically position fall leaves around the table. It is simple and achieves the desired effect.

  • Fall centerpiece

Still in the spirit of fall decor, you can fill up a tall vase with fall branches, then place it in the center of your table for a simple and yet elegant centerpiece.

Or eschew the tall vase for a transparent vessel and then spray paint the branches with gold:

An even more dazzling approach is this colorful combination of fall flowers:

A fruity cornucopia of grapes and other delicious berries can also serve as a fall centerpiece.

  • How about a very obvious centerpiece?

To be honest, everything on this tablescape screams for attention: the layered plate setting, the ribbon-covered gourd, and the cute cardholder. But the Thanksgiving Day turkey is the star of the day. And making it your centerpiece is what would capture and hold everyone’s gaze. Your guests would definitely ooh and aah over this decor piece.

  • Nothing wrong with simplicity

It’s kind of normal to expect a splashy and elaborate Thanksgiving tablescape, but how about you surprise your guests this time around with a much simpler design. Less is more and nothing exemplifies this like the tablescape inspirations below.

Almost everything in this first design is white, from the non-decorative plates to the candles, wine glasses, cups, and placemats. The crimson-colored napkins imbue this simple setting with a hint of touch and elegance.

If you would rather have a two-tone scheme, then this chocolate-and-white tablescape might be more to your liking. Recommended for a small and intimate Thanksgiving celebration.

This rustic minimalist setting is also a great choice.

  • Personalize your tablescape

Rather than sticking with generic designs this Thanksgiving, take the time to personalize your napkin rings, ribbons, place cards, and placemats.

For your placemats, get some Kraft paper and crayons and keep your kids busy. As they paint and color, you can focus on your cooking and preparations.

Rather than having the names printed on place cards, you can get the cards and write out the names yourself. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting ain’t all that awesome, your guests would feel pleased that you went the extra length by taking the time to pen their names down.

You can also use the creative-fall-leaf idea to enhance the appeal of your handwritten place cards.

Add some spice to the conversation by attaching some trivia questions to the place cards. This place card is shaped as turkey and its feathers pose the Thanksgiving quiz for the day:

Kids love snacks, and this paper-boat-and-place-card combination serves as a handy container for crunchy snacks on that day.

Napkin presentation should not be ignored. Napkin rings can be made from anything! First, you can opt for tying the napkin with cornhusks decorations:

Or better still, use your normal twine or ribbon. Then, dangle acorns or wishbones at the end of the string.

What Will Your Thanksgiving Tablescape Look Like?

So, now that you have your daily inspiration…. So now.  I have only one question…

What  will your Thanksgiving tablescape look like? We’d LOOOOVVVVE for you to share your pics with us over on Facebook. Tag it: TurkeyDay.

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