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6 Tips to Manage Toilet Overflow Water Damage

.A lot of instances of water damages are being reported these days, out of which most of the cases are due to overflowing toilet tanks or failure in the plumbing system. Toilet overflow water damage can create an ugly bearable scenario, especially if this happens at your business premises.

Due to its adverse effects overflowing toilet water is placed under category three water loss, as the damage may extend beyond the bathroom also. This flood water is rich in fecal matter and other harmful contaminants possessing a strong unpleasant odor, hence, you must promptly block the area until it is completely sanitized. As the cleaning requires potent chemicals, pieces of equipment, and protective equipment, you must instantly call the water damage restoration company for assistance. Being late or slow may increase the damage and cost you even more.

Six Tips to Help You Deal With Toilet Overflow Water Damage

Here are six steps that you must follow when your toilet overflows:

1 – Start with a toilet plunger

If the flush is not working correctly, do not flush again and again. In case the pipes are clogged, repetitive flushing will only worsen the situation. Try to eradicate the clog formed by using a plunger. Otherwise, water will start overflowing from the toilet to the floor and the surrounding areas.

2 – Switch off the water supply

As soon as, you notice that water is overflowing from the toilet onto the floor and the surrounding, quickly turn off the water supply using a switch or the knob. The knob or the switch is generally located on the wall adjacent to the base of the toilet, beneath the tank.

3 – Add a “Temporarily closed” signs

If water damage has taken place in your business premises, hang signboards stating “Temporarily Closed.”

This signage warns people not to try to use it until you can oversee a repair. If they use the washroom that is subjected to repair, the situation will become worse and unmanageable. You may allot an alternative restroom to them for convenience.

4 – Inspect the damaged spots

The extend of the damage caused can be more than you think; this may even extend beyond the bathroom. Inspect your drywalls; if water has soaked into the drywall, it may seem to be intervening with electrical wirings also. As soon as you notice drywall seepages, turn off the main power supply to avoid short-circuits.

5 – Inform your insurance company

The damage is crucial as it involves sewage water; it may go beyond the bathroom and out of your scope. It becomes essential to inform your insurance agent about the incident so that they can do on-site assistance if required. They will let you know about the coverages included in your insurance policy, so that you may manage your expenses accordingly. They may even recommend some reputable and local restoration companies.

6 – Call the water damage restoration experts

Instantly call the water damage restoration company. If you have any plumber nearby contact him quickly so that until the professionals arrive, he can help you in finding the source of the water and temporarily managing that by stopping the leak or fixing the clog.

Preferably approach a water damage restoration company that has expertise in providing sewage backup clean up services. Don’t take any hasty decision. Hire a professional, certified, and reliable company. In doing this, you will ensure that you receive the best, durable, and dependable. Dealing with black water is very crucial as black water contains disease-causing micro-organisms like parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can cause acute infections. After the cleaning process, a thorough sanitization of the business premises is also necessary.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Ignore Toilet Overflow Water Damage

Here is the bottom line. You must not ignore toilet overflow damage. Even if the commode begins flushing properly again, the underlying problem remains. It will crop up again at some time in the future–and usually at the worst time. Additionally, any water damage done will continue to destroy your property, as the damage and rot will spread behind the scenes. Do not waste time, deal with this problem quickly!

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