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7 Dangers Every Homeowner Must Know About Removing Toxic Blackwater

What the heck is blackwater? You might wonder as you read this.

Water damage and flood are a constant threat. They can enter anywhere and can happen at any point of them. It is a situation of complete stress and panic. But have you ever paid attention to the color of the water that enters your premises at that time? Probably No! 

Various types of water may enter your home. Thus, you must follow separate procedures to remove and dispose of them so you can restore your home to a healthy condition.

Categories of Water Damage:

The Inspection and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has classified water into three categories:

  • Category 1: 

The water that emerges from sanitary sources. It is clean and can be easily rectified. It does not cause any harm if consumed by humans or animals.   

  • Category 2: 

The water coming from your basins, sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine. The level of hazard depends on the contagions it contains. Moreover, consuming these may cause infection. It is grey in color.

  • Category 3: 

Water damage experts know this category as black water. It is the most infectious and contaminated water, and it causes several diseases and infections. This water mixes with sewage, seawater, and a toxic mix of many other biohazards. 

Blackwater Might Cause These Seven Health Hazards:

Blackwater is a mixture of sewage and biohazards; thus, it is more than any other type of water damage. It has so many contaminants in it that it causes severe infections. The microorganisms are quite high in this water. The slightest contact may cause you an infection.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), blackwater can be the source of the following diseases:

  1. Gastrointestinal Infections
  2. Wound Infections
  3. Respiratory Diseases
  4. Upper Respiratory Diseases
  5. Skin Rashes
  6. Dysentery
  7. Infectious Hepatitis

How Does a Water Removal Pro Remediate Blackwater?

Removing blackwater is essential as it can cause several infections and illnesses, as mentioned above. Removal of blackwater requires expertise and technical equipment. Thus, you should hire a skilled professional who can carry the task for you. He or she will clean the area, disinfect it, and dry it. Thus, they restore it to the original form.

They should follow a procedure similar to this:

  • They should wear their protective equipment such as a headshield, mask, gloves, long boots and respirator, eye protection, protective suits to minimize the chances of infection
  • Before carrying the task, they must analyze the situation and carry a thorough inspection of the area to identify what procedure should be followed ahead.
  • Get rid of water-damaged materials immediately to prevent further contamination. Standing water can attract mold as well as this water can seep into the flooring. The contact area can be cleaned with the help of tools like air scrubbers or negative machines. Once the water is removed, the area should be disinfected and sanitized according to the norms set by the industry.
  • Remove and dispose of rugs and carpets. For disposal, they should be wrapped in plastic bags.
  • Replace impacted tiles or hardwood floors that received damage. 
  • After the removal and disinfection, the area should be dried so that no moisture and dampness remain in it. He can install dehumidifiers if the condition is bad.

water damageThe Takeaway: Hire a Professional to Remove Toxic Blackwater From Your Home

Blackwater remediation requires a skilled professional who has handled such a situation in the past. The risk of getting infected is also high while dealing with biohazards, sewage, seawater, etc. All those things which come in contact with blackwater need to throw away, and new things need to install in their place. This can include drywall, insulation, and flooring. A restoration company can handle this situation efficiently as they deal with such subjects. They are available 24*7 throughout the year.

Never try to remove this toxic water on your own. The perils of handling such contaminants are not worth the risk. You might expose yourself to dangerous molds that cause respiratory illnesses, cause severe gastrointestinal malaise, or hepatitis. 

Before hiring a company, always check their past work and testimonials. You should also ask them to share the client’s details with you to cross-verify the services provided by them. Check the pricing provided by the company and then hire one of them. Do not panic. Everything will be ok!

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