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6 Extraordinarily Smart Reasons Why You Should Try Telecommuting

Telecommuting exploded in popularity during 2020 and 2021, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. No longer is telecommuting just for corporate executives. It’s now a mainstream practice in the workforce. If you are unsure if you can or should–here are six excellent reasons to give it a try (if you haven’t already.)

Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Check Out Telecommuting

Unsure you will be just as productive if you work at home? Think about these things.

telecommuting1 – Save on commute time

The average commute time is more than thirty minutes. One can understand how spending that much “windshield time” interferes with your family and personal time. However, consider the fact that you spend the majority of your day at work anyway. Imagine you were able to cut your commute out completely and just walk to your home workspace. You’d have a lot more free time.

Ditching that commute can help you improve your quality of life.

Are you looking for a more stress-free atmosphere? Many companies have a culture that encourages the idea of working remotely. This allows workers to have a balance between work and home.

But the good news does not stop there. It is about to get even better…

You will find you have a better ability to manage time proactively. Imagine that you are able to leave work and immediately know what needs to be done when you get home.

If your daily commute is becoming a source of stress, look into telecommuting.

2 – Establish a flexible schedule

Telecommuting lets you set the pace. Don’t make commitments you can’t keep. Because your schedule isn’t in anyone else’s hands, you can let your kids stay up as late as they want. Or play video games in the morning and go for a bike ride in the afternoon.

When you are in a home-based office, you can build a flexible schedule that allows for time for yourself.

3 – Work on your career development opportunities

When people are at the office, they are usually focused on their job responsibilities solely. They do their best work, but they are not truly focused on their own career. There’s little room for professional development and growth.

When people are at home, they are usually free to pursue new career development opportunities. That extra time normally wasted on commuting can be spent taking online classes, networking online with other professionals, or pursuing other career development opportunities. 

4 – Spend more time with family

For the family-oriented telecommuter, it’s now more than possible to be home for dinner and spend time with your family after work.

You can more easily work a traditional schedule–with the reverse commute.

The allure of not having to spend a long commute each day can be an attractive option for workers who must get from the suburbs to a large city every workday. Instead, you can reallocate the time to your friends and family. You know, all the things you really would rather do!

You’re also in a position to work from anywhere in the country–a real blessing for those who have a touch of wanderlust and love to travel.

5 – Live a healthier life

Work-life balance has always been a key goal of many, but now more than ever, employees desire a healthier lifestyle.

Mental well-being

Because you are giving up that stressful commute, you might feel better mentally and emotionally. Cutting out stressors can be a real live saver for your emotional health.

Physical health

According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods each day can lead to poor circulation in your body. Additionally, it can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes.

Telecommuters can arrange a home office however they wish. You can install a stand-up desk, walk the dog on breaks, and even fit in a lunchtime yoga session if you like.

Because you are in control of the office set-up, you will improve your health and help you in achieving all your physical fitness goals.

6 – Save money

Working on-site cuts down on travel expenses. Depending on where you work, you can shave a few hundred dollars from your yearly automotive budget with a telecommuting schedule. This condition could negatively impact the performance of your vehicle. Not only will you save on fuel, but you’ll also drive fewer miles. That reduction saves on the frequency of oil changes, tire replacement, and other repairs.

This work situation allows you to save on wear and tear on your vehicle or the cost of public transportation options.

Additionally, you save money on to-go cups of coffee, expensive lunches, and vending machine snacks.

side hustleThe Bottom Line: Is Telecommuting Right for You?

Is telecommuting for you? It might be, especially if you hope to accomplish any of the following outcomes:

  • Spend less time in your car commuting.
  • Find extra precious hours to spend with your family and loved ones.
  • Enjoy a more flexible schedule.
  • Grow in your career.
  • Save money on the costs associated with going to a job.
  • Reach your mental and physical fitness goals.

If you are already telecommuting due to the pandemic, tell your boss you hope to continue. If your workplace did not embrace this as part of their company culture, don’t be afraid to make a friendly suggestion.

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