6 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at DIY Home & Garden have a whole lot to be grateful for. In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation, we tantalized our female readers last week with tons and tons of decorating and arranging ideas for the Thanksgiving table. Curious and a 'little bit' interested in how it all went … Continue reading 6 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspirations

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Another opportunity to be grateful, make merry, and FEAST! Now you're grinning from ear to ear in remembrance....and anticipation. As we get ready to celebrate, we womenfolk are already¬†thinking of ways to make the Thanksgiving table more beautiful and impressive than last year. Wanna make sure your family and … Continue reading Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspirations

How To Deep Fry A Turkey Safely

It seemed fitting to make a post on how to deep fry a turkey safely. I have been getting hungry for turkey, so why wait for Thanksgiving? I can fire up the fryer and turn out a succulent, moist deep-fried turkey just because. However, we've all seen news stories on disasters that occur when turkey fryers go wrong. Burnt hair. Burnt cars, Burnt houses. You get the idea.