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Organize Your Move: 5 Essential Must-Dos

organize your moveTake the time to organize your move in advance, and you’ll create a less stressful time.

Moving is a pretty big deal, and something that you may only do once or twice in your life. But, no matter how many times you do it, packing all of your belongings up and starting over elsewhere is extremely stressful. Not only do you forget how much stuff you actually have, but you also have to deal with the readjustments of moving into a completely new place. In short, it can be an extremely difficult time, albeit totally worth it when you’re all settled.

What should you organize before you move, however? Here are 5 things that you just can’t forget.

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#1: Decluttering

Before you think about moving, you need to go through the decluttering process. It is futile to bring with you a bunch of stuff that you don’t even really want, so go through every room in your home, and see whether you can get rid of some things before you start packing up. Not only will this make the entire move a lot easier, but it will also mean that you’ve only got what you really need in your new home.


#2: Getting your documents together

Naturally, there is a lot of documentation required when you move house, and you need to get it all together. Think about all of the bills that you need to cancel or move and all of the documents required for changing your address. Your mail needs to come to the right place, so go through all of your accounts, and notify them of your address change. Keeping your documents in order is imperative.


#3: Arranging a moving van

Of course, one of the most important things is actually getting all of your belongings from your old home to your new one, and you don’t want to leave this too late. If you do, you could find that you’re paying over the odds for a moving company, or that you can’t find somebody to do the job for you. Estimate how many boxes you’ll need to move, and think about whether you want to drive it yourself or not. Hiring professional furniture movers might be an investment, but they are worth the expense!


#4: Looking at the measurements of your new home

OK, so you’ve decided that you want to take certain items of furniture with you when you move house and that they will look great in your new home. In fact, you’ve probably pictured the whole thing in your mind, and you just can’t wait to get them in there. However, you need to double – and even triple – check the measurements, to ensure that you can fit your stuff into the space you’re considering!


#5: Packing up your belongings

The final thing to do is to pack up all of your belongings. And then get ready for the move itself. You need to be strategic about the way that you’re packing so that you can easily unpack again on the other end. Make sure that you label all of the boxes, and that you don’t overpack them, as they could be too difficult to carry around. Think about what you’ll need as soon as you get there, and pack this separately.

Good luck, it will go smoother when you’ve taken the time to organize your move!

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